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Apr 28, 2017

    1. I couldn't see a thread for this sculptor/company, but if there is one please feel free to move/delete this one!

      This is a thread for the discussion and sharing of the Vivid Line (and other SD items) made by the Sculptor Natu for Monochrome

      Natu previously worked for Soom with her most well known sculpt being the Feny & Necy head. Which was her personal favourite and the inspiration for her Lily head (I've spoken to her a few times on instagram about this too as Feny is my favourite YOSD sculpt)
      Her Instagram is - Natu (@mono_bjd) • Instagram photos and videos
      Company Twitter - Monochrome[모노크롬] (@mono_bjd) | Twitter

      The current Vivid head line up is

      Lily - Lily Head
      Erik_R- Erik_R Head

      She also made some SD17 Heeled feet for guys too!! :o

      I actually recently ordered the Lily head myself as it's been on my wishlist since I discovered it. And I have plans to get the Erik head at a later date too!

      Has anyone else ordered from Monochrome? I'm looking forward to receiving Lily so I can work out resin matches and sizes (she's on a Sadol body in her promo images!)
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    2. Wooow, those heeled feet are really nice. I like Lily too! She looks like a cat, a bit ;D
    3. wow, what beautiful dolls! thank you so much for this thread. i just totally fell in love with erik!!!
    4. I purchased the 70cm male feet which just arrived. I've still to get the doll they are for.
    5. Well considering she was based on a sculpt that was originally a fox I can see it!

      he's just so handsome! I was sold the moment I saw he has teeth.

      Ohhh they look lovely, any dolls you can resin match it with?
    6. Sorry for the double post!

      Well I went to check my order for the Lily head and turns out she's already in UK customs! Didn't even know she was shipped and she was well ahead of her schedules shipping plan. I'll be able to share the head with anyone interested soon.

      Edited to add a photo of her now she's home with a temporary face up (although she was sent straight off for a better face up)

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    7. I'm glad there is a thread for Monochrome! I discovered Monochrome by accident and I'm In the process of getting Erik.
      Can't wait to see what body he can have. :XD:
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    8. I'm really struck by the beauty of these sculpts. Does anyone have any experience with the Vivid (boy) body...?
    9. CAGE Head

      Cage was just released! I think he's gorgeous and has to come home.

      I sadly don't, but I think it looks similar to a lot of bodies in the 65cm category. Nothing really surprising except for the heel legs, which are super pretty.
    10. I was sad to see the heel legs don't seem to be offered on Cage. But Cage himself is amazing. :D
    11. [​IMG]

      I think I’ve finally settled into some if the styling for this boy! He’s been here a while and I love him, but he’s been a challenge, hah.
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