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mor photos of Kiss ~

Apr 6, 2005

    1. go to http://www.dolkot.com/ and click on the kiss photo
      isnt he the most wonderful thing you have ever seen in your life *0*!! *faints*
      ahh im inlove with him ~~ must have this doll *dies*

      a preview :
    2. Omg that pout! *_*

      ... :o wait wait WAIT! Hold up- you live here in Australia?! YAY another Aussie! X3

      -Annie love love
    3. he's gorgeous! :D
      I never saw this site before, is it new? and he isn't for sale yet or is already out of stock?
      hahah I'm confused, they have CP dolls too?! :?
    4. omg. all those dolls. *dies*
    5. wooooooot!! *huggles* a fellow aussie! lol which state do u live?
    6. oops that was me sorry >0<~ kya! umm hes not released yet! thats just his photo~ ^^ ooh i cant wait until hes released~~
    7. Im a Melbournite XDDDD

    8. He's beautiful! I've never heard of Dollknot before. Is that the company who makes him, or just a site that sell dolls?
    9. I found it listed somewhere that DollKnot supposely is a shoping site for Cerabis Project and CandyDoll, but he def isn't cp and doesn't exist of the other site (or at least not yet)...He is very lovely, I'm curious to about him. Ccan anyone read any of the info? I asume he's 60 cm size. I wish there was an english site for him.
    10. :chibi hes so cute!
    11. <grumble...grumble...grumble>

      Oh, I SO did not need to see that. :o

      He is adorable... :)

      Is it just me or does he not look like Chiwoo's love child or something? There's something about him that just reminds me of Chiwoo, even though he's not a CP doll. :?

      Loki's Mom
    12. i dont know anything much i can read korean though~ the only info i can see is that he is around 63cm and hes the first doll made by "X.Y"?

      heres another photo i found in daum cafe
    13. sorry T_T i keep forgeting to log in~~ that was me again :oops:

      take a look at this too ^0^ cant get enough of him!
    14. ><;;;

      I'm trying to figure out who he could be if I took him home. ;O;
    15. I´d be interesting to know if Kiss was a whole boy or a head only. In the last pic it looks like the head is of a different kind of resin than the body. The head appears slightly lighter in colour and a bit more shiney.

      Needless to say I´m officialy in love with this boy...
    16. urrgghhh omg he is gorgeous gorgeous... I saw him before, am dying to hear more info about this doll!!!!!!!!!!!!! gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! sigh. and "drool"
    17. Hm, he's certainly caught my eye. :D
    18. Oh man, I wish he were MSD sized ;o;! (At least that's one reason I can use to convince myself I don't want to get him TxT;;;)
    19. O.O.....................................................
      He's gorgerous!!! *hearts*
      >< must-stop-staring
    20. 63? on the larger side then.
      wah..i want more info on him. he's really captured my eye. buti suppose one would have to find a shopping servies to get ahold of him since there is no eng/international site. -_-
      no "x.y" site at that..i'll have to keep watch over that compmanpy if their first doll is this grand already.