More adult like?

Jun 24, 2017

    1. Are there any out there that look more like an adult? So far I've found SpiritDoll Liana/Ginger, but thats it... I want to find more like this since SD is a bit too big for me
    2. Well it depends on just how much of a size you're looking to go and what you consider "adult" in characteristics. When I see Liana, I don't necessarily think adult..maybe teen. There are tons of different companies that have MSDs with similar appearances.

      When I hear adult and think of smaller dolls I suppose my mind goes towards Souldoll Vitos (in the 50cm range), their discontinued Doubles (still floating in the marketplace once in awhile), Some of the Souldoll Kid faces (coming in around 43cm), Iplehouse and Dollshe have Fashion lines, which are smaller and they look very adult. Iplehouse has their SID and nYID which when done right I've seen look mature/adult. Soom has a few of their fairies that are smaller and have mature sculpts. Lets see, there is of course Fairyland but I don't know enough about them to comment. Loongsoul has some smaller dolls that still look mature as well.

      What I do is I normally find a site like Alice Collections, Denver Doll Emporium, Mint on Card (they are going to in-stock only so they have less available) and Fabric and Friends and I look around. It helps me broaden my doll knowledge and see sculpts I otherwise wouldn't have looked at.
    3. Lumedoll minis are mature looking, too, if you're wanting a realistic style. Seconding Iplehouse, though their bodies are frustrating.
    4. Withdoll Minis can be pretty mature in my opinion! Especially with the larger bust option.
      I have a Withdoll Emma with the small bust option, and I still think she looks like an adult.
    5. Have you looked at Luts Model Delf dolls? These are MSD size but definitely look older. If you have a lot of time look at BJDCollectasy - a website that has almost all doll companies on it. It is just a great reference guide. Happy hunting!
    6. I'll take a look!

      Thank you!

      Sounds good!

      I would, however I don't enjoy the larger sized dolls :( tbh 30cm is probably big enough for me
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    7. If you're looking for 30 cm (or so) look at Little Monica Muse Harmony - I believe they are 23cm? You can get them with longer legs also. They might work for you. Limwa also has a doll this size that looks very "adult" like. They usually have them in stock on Junky Spot and they're very reasonable.
    8. I don't mean to hijack this thread but does somebody know any mature looking male minis with a more stylized aesthetic? So far I've only been able to find Luts Model Delfs, Souldoll Vitos and maybe Dollshe's Fashion sized M18s. Unfortunately, they were not quite what I was looking for. I enjoy the sculpts of Dollclans' and Dikadolls big guys but they are way too big for my taste.
      So, I was thinking maybe there are some other companies out there that make MSDs with a similar aesthetic and I only haven't stumbled across them, yet (at least one can dream:atremblin). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    9. I'm not too sure about MSD but I'd say the the SpiritDoll MSD bodies look pretty mature :) I also know of some very small males
    10. Thanks for the help. I already checked out SpiritDoll but I fear their dolls aren't quite what I am looking for:(.
    11. Please feel free to PM me! I may not know many companies but I probably have some way of finding just what you want!!! <3