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More Bermanns on the Anu Site?

Dec 20, 2004

    1. I noticed this today. I know this was already posted about in the marketplace under the WTB Bermann thread, but I thought (with all the Bermann addicts on here) it deserved a spot in the news forum.

      This is in the "About Anu" section on the site.

      The Site:


      The News:

      Original BJD Craft, Dollshe

      The most ingenious and exceptional ball-jointed doll creator, Dollshe.
      Dollshe's Berman-type doll will be coming soon as Anu Style in Tensiya.
      We will present variously styled Berman with original costumes that Anu has been designing and creating for a long time.
      You will be surprised a little bit, because this is a part of a much bigger project. :)

      The beginning of Tensi-Doll, the Bermans.
      It is a one-of-kind doll born from utmost originality.

      **drools** Oh my...I hope this is true and I'm not just misinterpreting it!
    2. oh MAN... and here I thought I'd actually HAVE some money this next year... Bermann, Si, U, Elf Lishe, Sweet, Cutie Delf, SD16... ARGH! I'm never going to eat again!
    3. [ keeps fingers crossed ] oh.... I hope I hope I hope I hope! of course, my wallet is cringing in horror, but to own Bermann... *bliss*

      (the reality check, though, for me anyway, is that it seems like they're an OOAK thing, and thus madly expensive and impossible to get. :cry: but at least if that is the case my bank account can retain some hope of keeping a, uh, positive balance.)
    4. Yes, It is true, you can see and get a new stylized Bermanns in Tensiya.com
      We are starting to make various challenge in doll's craft. with many artist.^^
      Thank you for your posting, and I'm very sorry for late to repport to DOA(;;;)
    5. OMG... I hope they're not insanely expensive... I hope you can get them sans-clothes if they are. ::crosses fingers::
    6. Dear Miss Sha. :D
      Yes, We are doing our best to reduce price, I don't want to make "Too Expensive" dolls.
      but our works are all co-opprating.so I can not make a price by myself even though I controll all workings...

      anyhow, less qualities for reducing price, is not my will, too.
      I have to control very well between two choice. (hahaha T-T;;)

      But the "Most precious, creative original doll in the world" by best craftmanships. I can bet it.
      they will be.

      in.Every.means. ^^b!

    7. Just a beautiful site Anu! I see now you will be offering wigs for Unoa! Yeah!
      I scoured the site and cannot find any Bermans at all...I am excited at the prospect of getting a Berman as well.
    8. this looks very interesting! I'll look forward to seeing more! Bermann and Unoa especially...!
    9. Oh, and I wanted a Bermann, too! I bet they'll be amazing!

      I've already got a growing wish list going.... :grin:
    10. Oh what wonderful news! I wonder if they'll bring Dodosha back? I've been wanting her for so long....sigh.

    11. B..Bermanns?? :o
      oooh...I really want one....

      *hears credit card scream in pain*
    12. Ohh eee I haven't been on here for a week or so and I am pleasantly surprised by such good news. Woowee :D
    13. I'd love to know if Dodosha will ever be offered again too, in *any* kind of incarnation, re-release or newly styled!

    14. There aren't any there yet. I think it's just planned that there will be in the future. :daisy

    15. ee! Bermann!
      I really hope it's true!
    16. *bookmarks the page*

      Please let him be cheap enough for me too :E
    17. How much did Bermann cost the first time he was out?