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More choices from Obitsu!

Jan 3, 2006

    1. Hi Hi all again,
      looks like there WILL be a 60 cm male body afterall! HUZZAH! <3

      Here's the line up of what they plan on bringing out, it was from their website, so if any changes occur, please go there....http://www.parabox.jp/eng/index.html

      NEW RELEASE ITEMS Dec 29, 2005

      Unpainted heads with hair for 27cm dolls will increase to 15 variations.
      Unpainted head with no hair for 27cm slim male doll
      Unpainted head with hair for 27cm slim male doll = Will be released in the middle of Jnnuary, 2006.

      (Other projects going on)
      60cm boy body = Will be ready Februry, 2006.
      23cm boy body = Will be readyFebrury, 2006.
      27cm eye-hole type heads (female heads) = will be released in Jnnuary, 2006.
      PARABOX Original dolls (1/3 scale dolls) = will be released in January, 2006.

      anyways, for those of you interested, this is the latest info on that company. Yes, I know they aren't BJD entirely related, but for those of us with pullips, that want them on a different body, it isn't bad to know about this...now I better stop before I g too off topic....
    2. Over on Junkyspot, Emory got word from Obitsu saying that the Male Body has been pushed back to April. ;_; This is the second time it's been pushed back.
      While being disappointed (I love my Obitsu girl and it'd be neat to get a boy to match her) I'm actually encouraged because I figure that means they must be coming out with a whole new body and not just working around the male chest plate they have already. I look forward to seeing what they come up with!