More Dolls than I Thought I Had

Aug 25, 2019

    1. First, I won a doll in the raffle at Resin Rose a couple of years ago. She's a cute 22cm Beau from Migidoll.

      Then I won a second doll in this year's raffle at Resin Rose, Agathe by Linda Macario, 45cm.

      And I thought, "Well, well, now I have two dolls. It's starting to become a collection!"

      But then I remembered that, no, wait, I do have more dolls.

      A while back, I bought a head and body from two different companies online but I messed up and ordered a head for a 1/3 doll and a 1/6 body. So, of course, I had to buy a 1/3 head for that body. And then I bought a good used 1/6 head from a dealer at a con.

      I haven't gotten around to doing the face-up for that 1/3 doll. And the body for the 1/6 has been misplaced ever since my last apartment move but she's around here somewhere.

      So, technically, I really have about 4 BJDs.

      So I started to feel bad about having this many BJDs when my partner has none. I buy her raffle tickets for the con but she hasn't won a doll yet. So I decided I would buy her one for her birthday this year. I let her choose one and she found a doll she fell in love with that was within my budget.

      But there was a catch. The doll she chose happened to be part of a special event sale on that website where you get to choose an extra free smaller doll as a bonus. Since my partner isn't interested in child-proportion dolls, she insisted that I choose the bonus doll for myself.

      So now I'm going to have five BJDs when I thought I only had two.

      How did you discover that you had more dolls than you thought you had?
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    2. I'm realizing right now how many SD heads I have... Since they are hidden away in the closet and drawers, I tend to forgot I have them lol
    3. I rediscover it every time someone asks me how many I have. I'm like "Oh, you know, maybe 5... 7... 13... no, my spreadsheet goes to at least 20... uh, several."
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    4. It’s funny how it can become a slippery slope like that. I ordered my first doll last year. My original thought was wow buds are expensive so I’ll just stick to one and spoil him.

      Then I found a limited doll that I just had to have and I ordered him immediately. Once I got him I joined DoA and did more research. Suddenly I fell in love with a doll and bought him. Now I’m contemplating a 4th even though I told myself no more. Usually I have more self control but I keep finding dolls I’ve fallen in love with so I understand how 1 doll can become a collection.
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    5. I found that when I got back into the hobby I started accumulating dolls slowly... but what really happened was I preordered from slow companies and now I have way more dolls than I thought. It’s easy to forget about incoming preorders after nearly 8-9 months of waiting.

      I haven’t done a count recently. To be honest I’m a little afraid to!

      Definitely putting a hold on preorders for the time being.
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    6. I’m not sure I’ve ever forgotten how many dolls I own. :sweat I’m currently at 15 dolls home and two ordered. The only time I struggle with it is when deciding how to count dolls. Not currently an issue but at times I’ve had multiple heads, bodies and parts that don’t match. So if I have four heads and four bodies that don’t go together, is that four dolls or eight? What if I have a non-resin BJD? Or a resin doll that isn’t a BJD? Do they still count? (I have an elleodoll Russian toy terrier who is 3D printed. I don’t count her, but should I? I DON’T KNOW! *_*)
    7. When I first started in the hobby, I wasn't sure which size I would love the most, so my first dolls were an SD and an msd. Then I was intrigued by yosd, and then came tinies...... lol 17 and counting. But in truth, msds and tinies are definitely my loves. I may pare down yosds to one or two in the future, and add a big honking sd anthro boi because reasons...
    8. I don't think I've ever forgotten about dolls I own, but I have such a large collection now that tends to fluctuate so often that I have to recount every time someone asks me how many I have! l It tends to hover in the 40 to 45 range, so I usually just tell them "a lot". :sweat
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    9. It's not that I forget about them, it's just that numbers have a tendency to slip away from me so I usually have to re-count whenever I want to know. And then I'm surprised all over again :lol:
    10. Ack this is me. I'm like "why do I only have two dolls?" but really Dollzone/Doll Chateau/Dollshe just take forever.

      So there are five dolls and four more heads on the way, they're just easy to forget about.
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    11. I have lost count of how many dolls I own. Since I started collecting various sizes, including tiny ones, my collection has increased considerably. The last time I checked, the list had gone up to fifty plus the few recent additions I have not included on my list. That does not include the separate heads I've bought. I promised myself no more dollies for a while now. :eusa_naug
    12. Yeaa this becomes less of an issue the longer you collect. For the first few years I was at four,.. then my limit was thirteen,... now I'm sneaking towards twenty. I only have eleven actual human msd sized dolls tho. The rest are pets and yosds. >>

      I don't really feel bad about the amount of dolls I have as it is a result of very slow collecting over nine years. I have noticed that I tend to get one or two dolls a year however. Which to me feels modest, just not when I see them standing in a huge mosh-pit on my shelf. ^^;;
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    13. I am kinda new to the hobby and I'm kind of shocked about how many floating heads I have bought. I actually got one of my grails yesterday and I am really hoping he will not end up as just another floating head in my collection. What I am trying to do is prioritize the dolls I want to complete. I think you always end up with floating heads sometimes I bought stuff on a whim and then didn't really have any plans for it.
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    14. Strangely, I tend to count floating heads as dolls and forgetting the headless bodies. I also bought from well knowen slow working company, so there is one doll on the way I keep on forgetting because I don't actually have him at home.
    15. I have all my 1/4 and 1/3 scale dolls on display, but only 2 of my 1/6 scale dolls even though I have 7 in total :sweat I always forget I have 5 more dolls in storage...
    16. I went on hiatus for three years annd kind of forgot how many I had. At the end of my first stent in the hobby I had stopped updating my profile, so when I got back into it in the begining of the year I had to keep updating my profile because I kept finding more dolls in storage!! Now I know I have three floating heads, two bodies, and four complete dolls with one doll on the way. I didn't realize I had so many :lol:
    17. HAHA I still forget I have over 20 dolls, it seriously doesn’t feel like it. My dolls are in 3 different storylines, so I think of them as their storyline groups instead of my entire collection. If you were to ask me right before I counted I would have sworn I had like 12-14.
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    18. Lol, yeah... my brain was thinking high teens, maybe low twenties.... then I counted then and realized the most recent one was number 30. :o
    19. I never feel like I own as many as I do, so it's when I actually stop to count (or, these days, look at the count I keep on my profile, because I'm very good at leaving dolls out of my counts subconsciously).
    20. I don't know how many dolls I have. I determine their number by listing names and counting those.