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More Glory Angels! (Cien and Ami)

Mar 19, 2005

    1. I love the Glory Angel Cien boy...gah. So cute.

      Wonder who the "Glory Hidden Type" will be?
    2. OH WOW! :o :o :o Ami Boy is GORGEOUS!! I haven't seen a new doll I like this much in a long time! :D :D :D

      AHH! So is Cien!! WOW!!
    3. CIEN :O He looks a bit cross-eyed, but other than that = <333
    4. Ooh! I like Bada girl! CUTIE! :D
    5. OOOH! Want a GA Cien boy. Kai needs a little brother. Sqeeeee!

      Wonder when they'll be available to us outside Korea?
    6. Glory Angel Cien boy makes me happy. He looks so pouty.
      I just ordered a Present Ren though... Argh~ The Glory Angels are so cute.
    7. Isn't Glory Angel Angelica Boy - La Luna new, too? I've never seen him before.

      Cien boy is REALLY tempting, but having 2 angsty boys may be a bit of a handful.
    8. The Cien boy is grand, I love his pissed off look- gawd..i haven't even got my first doll. can't be planning to order another one. >_<. I think i'm turing into a AR addict ^_^;
    9. Boy Ami's beautiful. I love his mouth. Nice little sweet smile he's got there. Plus big eyes and a nose I really like.

      La Luna looks haughty. "You, you on the other side of the screen, buy me this instant and polish my Edward (Black) boots until they shine like diamonds! *hair flick*"
    10. Oh, if I ever got a doll to be a 'young' Darryl it would have to be a Cien boy. LOL. He's so perfectly angry. I love it.

      I still can't get over how much their new boy - what's his name.....?

      this guy ---> http://angelregion.net/goods_detail.php?goodsIdx=479

      Looks like a young Shiro. It's perfect, like his little brother or something!
    11. OH MY GOD.

      I was thinking that EXACT SAME THING.

      I am so in love with La Luna, it's not even funny. He would totally be a diva and I would love every single second of it.

      Nagi, on the other hand...

      WAH, I hope I can get my hands on him anyway!! >_<