New Feature More Marketplace Changes: Division of New and Secondhand Items

Mar 1, 2014

    1. We are rolling out the next phase of our Marketplace overhaul this weekend!

      The Marketplace will now have a separate subforum for new items made by Den of Angels members. The existing marketplace subforums will be transitioning to a format in which all items will be listed for sale individually like the new Shoes marketplace and in which all items are pre-owned. This format does not accommodate shops that sell multiple items and have a consistent marketplace presence, so we have created a series of new subforums for new and made to order items. Some other marketplace subforums will be dissolved in this new format.

      The changes you will see are as follows:

      • The Hand-crafted Goods subforums will be launched, with divisions for Wearables, Shoes, Wigs, Eyes and Props.
      • The Commissionable Services category of subforums will be dissolved. Customizers will retain their own stand alone subforum, found directly beneath the Dolls Marketplaces. Tailors and Other Services will move to the appropriate Hand-Crafted Goods subforums.
      • A new subforum for Shopping Services has been added to the Hosted Orders category of the Marketplace.
      • The Accessories Marketplace has become the Doll Props and Miscellany marketplace; all secondhand jewelry, hair accessories and handbags move to the secondhand Clothing and Accessories Marketplace. All handmade jewelry and accessory shops move to Hand-Crafted Goods.

      It is important to us to encourage the spirit of creativity and custom work here on Den of Angels, so we want to retain a place for Den of Angels members to earn doll funds through their other skills. The Hand-Crafted Goods marketplace is open to all skill levels. All we ask is that the items being sold there be created by the member listing them for sale. Family partnerships are okay, as are small ateliers of friends working in the same locale. This is not a marketplace for middlemen. If you represent an artist as a foreign language translator or are simply the shipping conduit for an offshore business, please register as a dealer. After registering, you are welcome to post your wares in the News subforum.

      The Hand-Crafted Goods Marketplace Rules:

      • Items for sale must be created by the member listing them, or by an in-house member of a small atelier.
      • Links to Etsy shops are allowed, but the creator must list all sales terms and ordering information in the DoA marketplace thread.
      • Sellers must be willing to conduct sales via contact through Den of Angels (PM or email).
      • Items shown in sales threads must be the actual items currently for sale with prices listed, unless they are custom items that are available to order at that time. In other words, you may not show an assortment of past works and an Etsy link. If that's all you want to do, we sell advertising banners! Tailors who only make entirely custom one-offs upon request are not required to do this, but should show examples of past work with price ranges. Portfolios of past works and customer photos are still permitted in these threads, but they should not occupy the first post of the sales thread.

      We hope you enjoy this new Marketplace feature! If you have any questions about how this affects your specific sales threads, please post a question in the Ask the Mods subforum.
    2. So I'm confused.If I make clothes custom, but also usually have stuff pre-made for sale, so I need two threads? Will my old comission thread be moved? Do I need to merge my sale thread with my comission thread somehow?