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More 'Tenshis' and SD16!?!

Nov 26, 2004

    1. Did you guys see the post over at Domuya?! Someone asked about the Yu Tenshi dolls (that have been discussed here), and Jacky said they were made for a pre-order basis.

      AAAAAAND she said, apparently, there are THREE other dollfie types in planning/on the way. The pictures we've seen are actually a mixture of Sei Tenshi and Yu Tenshi - I assume the Yu Tenshi are the larger ones with the waist joint. Apparently there's one even smaller the the Sei Tenshi in planning, and.... SD 16s! omdsgoh! I wonder how much bigger they will be? And are the SD13s going to look majorly young then?!

      according to Jacky, the line will then run:
      SD Rei Tenshi< SD Sei Tenshi< SD Yu Tenshi< SD Ko Tenshi< MSD< SDC< SD< SD13< SD16< Mother SD

      The Domuya topic is here: http://forum.domuya.com/viewtopic.php?t=1361

      Edit: Oops, I didn't know Hitsura had already posted about this in the "volks little fairy (you tenshi)" thread. Sorry! :oops: Discussion has already begun there...
    2. :o

      :o :o :o :o

      :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o


      wow... "mother" SD? (how big are *they* going to be? T_T;;; )

      That's... really... wow...

      thanks for the info! >_>;;

      I...need to go... lay down for a while...... T_T;;;;;;
    3. I think... 'Mother SD' is the Virgin Mary statue thing. >_> I'm not 100% certain. But I don't think it's going to be an actual doll type.
    4. Maybe it's a pregnant SD? I'm probably sooooo wrong but hey, I'm just throwing ideas out there. Though, we're probably misinterpreting Mother SD. I mean, when I think "Mother" I think middle aged, slightly grey haired, and just well...older (no offense to any of our older members here :oops: ). I don't think Volks would make something like that.

      Maybe it is the Virgin Mary statue, I dunno. But dammit, I wanna see these things!
    5. *sigh of relief* still...

      that's a pretty interesting thought, though....
    6. OMFG!!! :o :o :o
      *waits anxiously for SD16s*
    7. SD16. With you-know-who's head.

      I can dig it. *nod*
    8. Wow.

      I'm excited to see what Volks will come out with next, even if I dont like all their molds :) These SD 16s might be up my alley.. but aren't the SD-16 the dolfie dreams? We had them vieled for a long time and it said SD-16 and when it was released it was the DD? or are they making like the DD but resin?? :?
    9. I hope that SD16s aren't much taller than SD13s, because I think SD13s are a perfect size. Maybe they'll be as tall as Berman or something like that.
    10. I doubt SD16s are going to be much bigger than SD13... maybe a centimeter or two. I would imagine they'd probably have DD-style bodies, but made of resin, and with a wider variety and/or less anime-style heads. The Unoss were, in a way, SD16s, so I'm guessing the official SD16s will be replacements for Unoss that are more in keeping with the actual SD line, and a sort of upgraded DD. Hopefully they'll release a boy, too... Not super-buff, but a little more mature than the SD13 Tokyo boys. That'd be nice.

      I think we'll just have to speculate about all of this for months to come, because I have a feeling we won't actually see these dolls or even get news about them for quite some time.
    11. Pbbbt, it's fine Loki, I almost did start a new topic, and it was Yuki's LJ post that lead me to that post anyway, so Hey! whatever XDD

      ARGH. SO want to see the SD16! *Dies again*
    12. ... whoa, that is WAY too cool! I may end up a Volks fan after all! ^^

      And thanks for starting the thread here, I totally would have missed it otherwise. ^^;
    13. Definitely want to see these SD16s. x3; I don't think that they'll get any bigger than the SD13... maybe slimmer bodies and definitely more mature faces. ::squeals!::
    14. Arr, that was me. ><;
    15. i can't wait to see them all *¬*
    16. Do you have a picture of the "Virgin Mary statue thing"?
    17. I'm really looking forward to the SD16 boys! I want a boyfriend for Mina but I want him to be taller than her by more than a regular SD13 boy. Isao has the longer legs, and he was my first choice for a boyfriend for her, but perhaps the perfect SD16 will come along. I hope Mina likes older men! :lol:
    18. AARRRGGHHH!!! SD16??!!! I NEED TO SEEEE!!!!!

      :o :o :o :o :o :o

    19. :o want a tiny one !
      hope they do one Elf or Tiny Fairy size ....dies! :daisy
    20. wow...SD16...i can't wait to see that...I bet mother SD will be one who is older looking but maybe not to perky breasted ? hehe just guessing.

      Anyhow can't waitto see these SD16s.. :o :D