Most bizarre doll?

Mar 9, 2021

    1. What's the most bizarre/weird/different doll you ever seen?
    2. None are "bizarre" per say... but there are many that are kind of hard to truly get the appeal of.

      Male dolls, fantasy dolls, dolls with a strong face, "imperfect" dolls, and huge dolls, I find "different." I can never personally understand the appeal of a male doll, fantasy doll, or strong face sculpts as opposed to cute/neotenous ones. I just don't understand because the reason I like BJDs/dolls/toys, is because they make me feel a strong euphoric feeling of cuteness (kind of like looking at a cute puppy but even more satisfying).
      So when I see all these people collecting non-cutesy things and talk about how they love mature/strong looking dolls, it's difficult to understand the appeal. But I don't think that those dolls are bizarre at all, rather I think it is interesting how different all our eyes are.
      I often see people on this forum say the opposite, that they do not like this cutesy aesthetic and they only like realistic BJDs. So to someone else, my dolls and preferences would be "different."
      I am happy that we can all find pleasure in different things. It would be annoying if we all liked the same thing. It would also make it so much more competitive to buy things (it's hard enough with how limited everything is). It's nice that we can all spread out and enjoy what we like, and then come together to discuss something while maintaining those different tastes.
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    3. Someone here has a small, heavily-modified doll with a toothy lamprey-esque face.

      That's probably the strangest one I've seen.
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    4. Oh boy. I love “bizarre” dolls so I could go on and on :XD: Huajing Doll has a set of crab monsters that are pretty interesting. Dollzone’s tarot series could be considered bizarre too, but I think they’re super cool. Some of my favorite “weird” dolls have to be Dream Valley’s 3-armed dolls. They’re definitely unconventional, but that’s why I want one.
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    5. One of Dream Valley's three-armed dolls is on my wish list too. Though Doll Chateau's Xaviera is one of the strangest I've seen with a spider body and legs, human torso and arms, human/sheep face and enormous sheep/goat horns where ears would normally be.
    6. I actually have one of the weirdest dolls I've seen... Pisyun by mezendoll_bjd on Instagram. If you know, you know haha.
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    7. Oh man that one, I remember that one! LOL. that's gonna be a difficult one to top. <_<
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    8. 'Have to admit... That one made my "Inner Twelve year-old" snicker like crazy. :mwahaha
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    9. Dollzone's Sun and Moon are the most disturbing to me. Not sure what they were thinking with that concept. And how would you display them? In the box? On a special stand?
    10. I have Ghost (my Moon) perched on a branchy bit of driftwood. That's all I could come up with for her... The spine bit is just awkward and ridiculously fragile.
    11. That was.... 100% worth googling and I never want to see one again!
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    12. Plasticmoon's mr Kitty!!!! >v< easily the crown jewel of my collection but also the strangest little fellow I've ever seen!
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    13. Tamikan Space has so many unusual dolls, I can’t even list them all. I want a Hybrid so bad.
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    14. I find no doll creepy, but I have found some different BJDs (That I find really cool, actually. I would get them. :XD:)
      Triffony Artwork Sphinxs, Doll-Zone Sawarieda, Doll-Chateau Barbara, Doll-Zone The Moon & Star, Dream-Valley Cecelia, Fairyland Fairyline60 Scarlet and some others.
    15. I think the strangest I have seen are made by mezendoll_bjd on Instagram. I would not personally buy any of them, but they are something else for sure :D
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    16. I actually have one of them haha:wiggle
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    17. I have one of the Huajing doll crab monsters, I was even more lucky to find my one for sale second hand blank in my country which I couldnt believe :)
    18. I remember seeing Dollzone having this collector doll with half of its body being the spine (The Moon I think) and that's probably one of the more "bizarre" doll that actually made me slightly unsettle. Very unique though, but can't ever see myself owning one XD
    19. She may not be as unusual as many mentioned here, but I was finally able to put a Doll Chateau Elizabeth on layaway!

      The sad face, along with her being a spider centaur (spidaur?) is just a little bit disturbing. But I still think she's also cute.

      I also think that the chubby cyclops doll with the huge eye I saw a while back was pretty wild-looking. I don't know what company made it.

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    20. I want one of those so bad just for the giggles. I would display it with my dignified serious dolls, make everyone do double takes lmao
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