Most expensive doll you bought? Cheapest doll you bought?

Feb 21, 2015

    1. I've seen some dolls that cost as much as $90,000 to as little as $100. My questions are:

      How much was the most expensive doll you bought?

      How much was the cheapest doll you bought?

      What sizes were they?
    2. Most expensive doll I bought was my first, a DollShe Bermann fullset from Tensiya. He's 70cm and was $$$$. (I've never spent that much on a doll again!)

      My least expensive was an ancient hybrid Souldoll kid Olivia/Volks MSD. He's about 45cm and was easily my best deal: $20 for head, $70 for body, making a super sturdy, quality mini-sized doll for under $100.
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    3. Most expensive doll I bought was my Everpurple Iris/Longsoul SD hybrid. $370 for the body, $125 for the head.

      My least expensive was my two Bobobie 1/12 tinies. The pair was $90.00.
    4. Double post. Sorry.
    5. My first and most expensive doll is my ridiculously huge DollZone Yuu. He's 72cm and was $500-ish. (don't remember exactly, guess I blocked that out) My cheapest was doll no.2, a DZ Mo full-set. He was $380-$400 and my smallest at a mere 45cm.

      I'll update this if either of my floating heads get a body, or I go momentarily insane and buy a Class 80 IOS/RingDoll Grown. *_*
    6. I have 1 doll now (least expensive) Impldoll Marcus
      1 doll on layaway (MOST expensive ouch lol) Loongsoul Auguste
    7. My most expensive was either my volks iris or my dollshe bernard. I wanna say my iris came in around 1,000(250? For the head and 600 ish for the body). My bernard was around $800.

      My cheapest doll...probably my Oleaf tiny at $110. she came with several outfits and two wigs as well.
    8. My most expensive probably ended up being my Crobidoll Yeon-ho hybrid. Mostly because he went through two different bodies :sweat
      a Dim Minimee and now he is on his Volks SD13 that I rather like :D
      My least expensive would be my little Spiritdoll Bastet which was only $170 before shipping! Cute and cheap is always awesome.
    9. My most expensive doll, so far, is probably my SD16 hybrid girl. Head is a Volks Emma, body an SD16 body, costs something around 700 Euros. My cheapest doll my Lumedoll Blaze - I got him for 100 Euros, a discounted price since he lost his ears in a fight with a cat.
    10. My most expensive is the FL Pio Blackbird fullset I just ordered - about $420 with everything, including the sleeping plate painted.

      My least expensive was my PukiPuki Flora, who I got with a TON of extras (five or six outfits, several pair of shoes, a mohair wig, three pair of eyes and three extra sets of hands, IIRC) for somewhere around $120. She has a tiny chip in one ankle and a dented thigh from a run-in with a puppy, so she was sold for less than full price.
    11. My most expensive doll was my SoulDoll Juhl. He was my first doll and cost around $700. My cheapest doll being around $300 unless you count the Doll Family Fox I got during an event from Alice's Collections where I bought him for $10.
    12. My most espensive was my Minifee that I paid 500$ (though she came with extra stuff and accessories), I bought her second-hand.

      My least expensive probably my Felix doll Brownie, I don't remember exactly how much she was. I think in between 45 and 65 euro the fullset, it was when the company had really cheap prices before it went bankrupt.
    13. my most expensive doll would have to be my ringdoll Lucifer-style c Full set which was $716 +shipping, he's my most expensive and i don't even have him yet.
      my least expensive would be my first doll a doll-love lincy which was just under $200.
    14. Most expensive doll: Amiga, $220. Obitsu 60cm

      Least expensive doll: Of topic, $20.
    15. Hmm my current most expensive doll so far is my cerise was aprocimately 490 euos with other items directly from Cerisedoll, she's a loonette. Most expensive for scale wise is my cuarto dragon at 470.

      Cheapest is my island doll an an at 80 from an event
    16. My current most expensive doll was Edward, my MNF Shiwoo, at $442 for the full doll with both heads, blank, though it's hard to estimate his exact cost since the body was split off to another doll, and he took a secondhand MNF body I had here. He may also count as $50 more than that, since he has a third head (Scar Shiwoo) that I picked up along the way.

      My current least expensive dolls are Cetewind and Instar, my ResinSoul Bei and Bao twins, at $100 apiece. Though, as twins, I bought them together, so they didn't feel like the least expensive ones.
    17. Currently my most expensive doll is on layaway Dollmore Blue Epoch Nayuta Kenzo, a squeak under $800.
      My least expensive is my extremely modified SD hybrid OfKa Lukas, $10 head and $50 body.
    18. So far my most expensive have been my Iplehouse EIDs... with some clothes and things I bought, my Douglas was around $1300, my Pamela (who isnt home yet), was around $1100, and my cheapest doll so far was my Soom Rosette Fir Christmas kit... she was about $360 altogether with shipping, 2 wigs, and a pair of eyes.
    19. My most expensive doll is my Ringdoll Daniel before shipping he's $649.00.
      My least expensive is my M-Maya who's blank @ $159.00.[TABLE]
      I really want to buy one of Dollmore's 105cm dolls though! Ah! The one I want is around $2000!! :o
    20. My most expensive doll is my Feeple60 Rin who was somewhere around the $700 mark. My least expensive is probablyy elfdoll tiny who I bought in the sale. I can't recall her price though.