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Most flexible bodies?

Oct 11, 2011

    1. I want your oppinions on what could be the most flexible and durable SD body.
      Comparaisons and arguments are welcome! ^^
    2. The Dollshe DSAM35s.
    3. Shinydoll ladies are definitely some of the most well engineered bodies. Their posing is so versatile, varied, and realistic. I'm a major stickler about posing, and started this thread a while ago for well-posing mini bodies.
    4. obitsu makes a SD size body and they pose realy well.
    5. How about spiritdoll bodies? ^^- I really like the anatomy!
    6. I second ShinyDoll bodies! IMO Best SD sized female bodies on the market if you want poseability paired with aesthetic appeal.
    7. IMO? what is IMO? ;___; Sorry I'm new in the world of BJD
    8. IMO means 'in my opinion' Kunyue^^

      In my experience all the fairyland tinies are the best posers in the <26cm range
    9. There are quite a few smaller dolls that immediately came to mind, but for SD's...
      Twigling's bodies are AMAZINGLY well engineered and pose very well. And, though I've never handled one personallly, I know that as Zagzagael mentioned, the DSAM35's have a crazy amount of jointing.