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Most poseable female body?

Jul 30, 2008

    1. Hi!
      (If this is in the wrong place, or already discussed, I'm sorry, then move or delete :sweat)

      I am after a normal skin 60cm. female body with the largest range of poses possible, since she's going to be a 1950's pin-up girl.

      Which body would you suggest, except Domuya flexi?
      (I don't really fancy the Domuya flexibodies, with the gauges in the back of the legs :shudder...)

      Thanxx for your kind help! :)
    2. Add me to this! I don't like the flexibodies either, and am looking for alternatives to the CP girl bodies.

      IP is nice, but I'm not fond of the look of their knees when bent. It would be great if Fairyland came out with their 70cm girl body in a 60cm size or if Luts had a girl Type 3. I've been looking at the UD Real girl bodies, but they'd be about 65cm not 60.
    3. How about the Souldoll Double body? Double-jointed elbows and knees, two joints in the torso, and a pivot joint at the top of the thigh. It's 55 cm, so she'd be small.

      The Senior Delf girl body might also be worth a look. Only one torso joint, but double-jointed elbows and knees and the pivot on the thigh. She'd be right at 60 cm.
    4. Hmmm.. yes, I've taken a look at the Souldoll, and they seem really good.
      Nice proportions too. Thanks Wotan!

      (Oh, wouldn't it be great if the MiniFee Active line body would come out as 60cm.?? :D)

      Thanxx for the suggestions! :aheartbea

      More anyone?
    5. I like the possability of the SD16 Girl body though she maybe too athletic to be a pinup...
    6. Although some people may not agree with me, I ADORE the Iplehouse female body. I got mine without the extra mobility thighs (Just because I've heard a lot of troubles and I was still fairly new to BJDs when I got mine) and even without them she poses wonderfully. It's one of those bodys that you have to learn the quirks to, though, but once you do, I just love how it looks and poses.

      PS: Love the pin-up idea! As someone who's studied and loved the art my whole life, I'd love to see it done well in BJDs!
    7. The new Angel of Dream girl body bears mentioning, too. It looks like it has a fair range of motion in the upper torso joint.
    8. I never think of the best pin-up style BJD girl bodies as being the most poseable. If a doll is more poseable it usually has to give something up in the looks department to make the engineering work.

      The most poseable girls I've seen have been on Shinydoll Thaasa bodies but they are not at all curvy. My Dollfie Dream girl is very poseable and extremely curvy but I don't know how you feel about a vinyl bodied doll.
    9. I'm looking to get a new body for one of my girls, and given that she's an actress/dancer, the more poseability, the better!

      So, which 60cm girl bodies can hold poses the longest? Can do more extreme poses, like perhaps even standing on one foot? Are just inherently more flexible?

      I've seen a few threads on this for boy dolls - hopefully I haven't missed a big thread on the topic for girls!

      Thank you. :D
    10. If you don't mind vinyl bodies, then Obitsu and Volks DD II would win hands down--they have internal skeletons so they can hold anything, but they feel very different than a resin doll.
    11. I'd rather stick with resin, just because I have my girl's head already. :) But thank you!

      Also, just to add to my original post, I know that most bodies can be made MORE poseable with sueding and wiring - I'm interested in a good starting body, pre-improvement. :)
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    12. Domuya Flexi Bodies have the most joints and thus the most ability to pose in a variety of ways, but they can be rather 'flexiable' and thus floppy, but with wiring and sueding they can be really good.

    13. If you don't mind them being a bit shorter than 60cm, get a Shinydoll THAASA body. Rock solid when standing, easy to move, hold a pose forever and all this without sueding or wiring. Getting one made me positively evangelical about them.
    14. The original Shinydoll body (Thaasa I) is an amazing poser but very thin and without a small chest The new Thaasa II body has the same range of posing but with bigger boobs.

      Nude shot of thaasa II body doing 'Japanese correct sitting posture' more naturally than any other doll I've seen.

      thaasa I sitting cutely
      http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v19/babytarragon/bao bei/DSCF3428.jpg

      thaasa II holding arm out by herself (this pose is actually quite difficult with most dolls!)
      http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v19/babytarragon/bao bei/DSCF2780.jpg

      thaasa II using her special single elbow joint to touch her face
      http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v19/babytarragon/bao bei/DSCF2761.jpg

      thaasa I curled up
    15. I don't know if this is really helpful, but the Soom Rosette dolls have a VERY moveable body!
      But they are only about 50cm tall, so I don't think it's what you're searching for...
    16. Twigling's Ylisande. She can be a bit hard to get use to, but once you do, her range of motion is incredible.
    17. The Feeple girl body is pretty damn awesome. It has it's flaws and downfalls but is by far my favourite.
    18. I'm going with the Feeple too. It's quite skinny and lean, but since I saw it posed, I am replacing all my other 60cm doll bodies with it.

      http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=178169 < Fantastic box opening with posing of the feeple body.

      Angell-Studio senior bodies are oddly fantastic. They have amazing range and hold poses really well if you string them right.

      It looks like the new Souldoll Zenith body will be a good poser as well though, I have heard the Iple bodies can hold a decent pose, I would not say Soom Supergem bodies at all. They aren't too bad with the arms, but the legs don't hold any interesting poses at all.
    19. I'm going to have to bump this and ask a question of my own ^^
      I'm wondering which 60cm female bodies are a pretty decent balance between looking more curvy, not as slender like a lot of the more flexible ones, but still decently flexible. I really like the Luts Delf mature body, but I hear it isn't very flexible. Any advice would be great :)