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Most poseable in mini range?

Oct 24, 2018

    1. I'm in the process of playing the body aesthetics vs poseability vs face sculpt game as I'm still searching for a first doll. Turns out I want something really poseable, with a mature and not too slender body type. I am not a fan of ribs sticking out, or prominent hip bones.

      I'm thinking Fairyland MiniFee is probably my best bet, but I'd love any second opinions! I really like the mini size range, but couldn't find dedicated discussion to the best posers in this range.
      Thanks for any advice!
    2. Have you seen Atelier Momoni? She's got a pretty unique aesthetic that isn't to everyone's liking, but I have the 1/6th version of her doll Momoni (1/4 scale at full size) and she's probably my best poser.
    3. The new Bimong Narae body is extremely posable, but you might have some trouble getting ahold of one.
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    4. Loongsoul has the best posability in my oppinion and works partly with mature and not to slim (here it really depends on what you consider as mature) requirements. Their heads are mostly not that mature in my oppinion, but seeing how you are considering Minifee, who I don't consider that mature looking personally, I think those would work as well.

      Next body in line, who should definitly work in terms of your mature and not too slim requirements, but also a great poser, are the Luts MDF dolls. They have lovely ladies and men and several options to pick from also in terms of the body composition.

      Other than those two I'd also like to mention Island Dolls and Mystic Kids. Both are really good posers, boys and girls and should also work with your requirements.

      Good luck finding your doll :)
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    5. While the Momoni body is nice and unique, but I really am not fond of the face sculpt.
      Actually, face sculpt is something I'm really struggling with, in this size. I would very much like a more angular/less round or anime style face, but it seems they often go with the bony bodies I don't like. So while I love WithDoll Ruby's face sculpt, the body is just not for me.
      The Bimong Narae new style body does seem really poseable, but the elbows just look so robotic Popeye to me. I imagine my doll to be wearing a lot of sleeveless clothing, so elbow appearance does matter. I know double jointing requires a certain amount of oddness, but the elbows being smaller than the rest of the arms really throws me! The classic body is very nice, though I wish they had posted more pictures of what it can do.
      #5 cupcakedolls, Oct 24, 2018
      Last edited: Oct 24, 2018
    6. Forgot to mention-I am looking for a 2 part body, if possible. From what I've seen in YouTube reviews, most people seem to think that third waist joint is fairly useless. I've seen a couple of dolls where that seam line isn't too noticeable, but I really don't like the look of it at all. So Loongsoul 2 part body is too ribby/hippy, but the 3 part body is just right....except for that 3rd joint. Island Doll also has the waist joint I just can't get over.

      I love the Luts model doll body and face sculpts! I thought I had looked at them before, but I was wrong. I originally thought I wanted a smaller bust, just because so many larger ones are too fake for me, but the Type 2 basic is really nicely done! But if I'm correct, they don't offer solo heads? I saw a couple of sleeping ones, but that was all.

      I'm actually compromising with the Fairyland face sculpts. I was thinking to use a boy's head with the right face up to get more of an angled and "mature" appearance. After a lot of hunting I've realized I just can't live with a doll who looks hungry. In my dream doll world I would have a supermodel's cheekbones on a pastry chef's well fed body =)
    7. You've already seen the Luts Model Delfs, but maybe Aquarius Roll or Raccoon Doll?
    8. @cupcakedolls
      I like 3-jointed bodies best to be honest. It helps in most cases when you twist the upper torso or with slouching. Granted, not all companies make the joint to actually have a function.

      I'm not sure why you are asking about the solo heads, but no, usually they don't offer them.
      They have a mychoice option, where you can put KDF heads on MDF bodies thought and the other way around.

      So you'd like a less slim body, but with cheekbones.
      That's a bit tricky.
      For heads, maybe Iplehouse 2nd hand (they also don't sell heads separately).
      Another option might be Souldoll. Souldoll just discontinued a lot of heads and there were quite a few that would fulfill the requirements of cheekbones and mature, but you are a bit too late to secure just a head, as the event ended with September, if I remember correctly.

      That said, maybe their new releases will tickle your fancy? Aehael is more mature and with the right face-up could have really nice cheekbones. For a 'not hungry' body look, the kids new double girl body might work.

      Another doll body I like, but has single jointed knees (otherwise good posability) and fits the mature theme are DreamingDolls. I can't remember a sculpt with cheekbones from them to be honest ^^°

      @Cap'n 's suggestions are good, thought I believe Raccoon Doll's head are fashion size like DollShe's?
      And I'm not sure if AquariusDoll still exists as their homepage is down :\

      For head I rust remembered one of my favourites I don't yet have: Dollmore Zaoll Luv. Mature 6-7 head with cheekbones. One of the smaller MSD heads. You'd just have to find a body you like that makes a good match - and tell me about it when you are done XD (they sell heads separately)

      And similar you could look into the Souldoll Vito girls. There were a few with cheekbones among them.

      As for body... Doll Leaves are pretty good posers too, and they released a new girl body in MSD that might be to your likning, I think? Only got a chest joint :3
    9. @cupcakedolls RaccoonDoll or Iplehouse’s fashion doll (FID) line. Both have realistic adult faces (FIDs being more realistic) and either curvy or slimmer bodies. FIDs are more poseable, especially if you suede them. They both only have joints in the chest, no diaper joint. They’re both 44-45.5 cm tall too.
    10. Diaper joint, OMG!! :lol:

      I was wondering about heads sold apart from bodies, because of my idea of possibly putting a boys head on a girls frame. I'm trying to stick with a one time purchase, due to my lack of experience. I'm definitely not ready to figure out which heads, bodies, and skin tones coordinate. Also, I am beyond tired of looking at a screen of full of the words Sold Out. I'd much rather just look at a basic head, basic body that I know can be made.

      I had tried looking at the SoulDoll website before, but honestly just glazed over after a couple of pages trying to figure out what the sizes were of all the subcategories. I didn't do any better this time-I think I've been on the hunt for too long. And the Dollmore website was like a horror movie for me :shudder I don't mind all the fancy sculpt "families", but I definitely need them listed by size. Especially on sites where you have to scroll past a dozen pics to find the height stats at the bottom of the page. The Doll Leaves website is definitely more user friendly for us noobs.

      I love Racoondoll face sculpts so much, and the hip curves on the glamour body, enough to forgive the ribs. I really want Nana as seen in the photo, I am in love with the Dark Mocha and red hair combo!! She is definitely a top contender.
    11. Just sand the ribs off. :D Then you get what you want.

      Wild Fantasy Nana is awesome looking. Raccoon is probably your best bet. You can order the head and body separately (you cannot with Iplehouse), but since you can’t buy the male heads separately, it makes little sense, plus the male heads would look very large on a woman’s body. I head-swapped my FIDs, and it was not pretty. I don’t have a Raccoon male to switch heads with my girl, but the two companies are similar in size.

      I had the same problems back in the day with the Dollmore and Souldoll websites. I wished they were more transparent about sizes.
    12. The thought of sanding doll parts off is too much for my weak stomach. I am too much of a scaredy cat for mods just yet :aeyepop: And I actually like Nana just the way she is, no head swapping necessary. Extra bonus!

      Thanks so much to everyone for all your advice and pointers, it is so appreciated!
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    13. I have no experience with Bimong, but the dolls I love best for their posability are my Youpladolls. They also have gorgeous sculpting on their body. There is momentarily no preorder since the second preorder for Lupita is just finished (she has the new body that has even more posability) but you see Ziya’s pop up from time to time on the second hand market.
    14. Oh wow, the dark tan is so beautiful!! I actually prefer the old body look, but maybe I can find someone who wants the latest version, and is selling an older one. :love Thanks!
    15. Withdoll has some pretty impressive poseability