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Most realistic dolls?

Jan 13, 2009

    1. Im sure theres another thread out there with this in but Ive really fallen in love with the souldoll killian, who looks very realistic.
      do you know of any others who look more "human"?
    2. It kind of depends on your personal taste...

      - I think the Unidoll boys look more realistic, myself, and I love them. :aheartbea
      - 60cm Narae can look eerily real in photos. I've seen some artistic pics of her that I would swear are a real live person!
      - And some of the Limhwa sculpts like Mano are also beautifully realistic.
      - Supia's girls can look stunningly human, especially in French resin.
      - Then of course you have some of the Minimee sculpts, but they're kind of hit-and-miss on the realism, depending on the specifications of that particular sculpt order.
    3. for realistic dolls look at the unidoll real girls, soom dia, raurencio studio dolls, bishonen house
    4. I love Killian too - he' high on my wish list. The Iplehouse male scupts seem very realistic to me and well worth a look:lol:
    5. Realistic sculpts are among my faves! <3 Souldoll!

      I would say that a number of Soom's Super Gem line as well as Models and Glamor Models from Dollmore are quite realistic. The sculptor of the tiny realistic Narsha, also makes gorgeous petite SDs named Zaoll Luv and Zaoll Muse. Lumedoll offers fantastic realistic sculpts as well. I really like Glorydoll too!

      A number of companies that mainly offer heads like Alice in Labyrinth, MSDoll, Migidoll make really lovely sculpts too.
    6. Souldolls look very life like in certain light. Supia girls are wonderfully beautiful and very real looking. Haven't seen many others that I can judge on, but others may offer their opinions.
    7. The Minimee heads are the most realistic featured dolls, as they are made to look like actual people. Regarding dolls from doll companies, Unidoll easily has the most realistic dolls. The downside to a "realistic" doll is that sometimes it can look homely or even ugly compared to an idealized "pretty" sculpt.

      Edited to add, Dollstown dolls are also very realistic except that to me the faces look very childlike, which doesn't always work given the scale of some of the dolls. And the Bishonen V.2 dolls (NOT the V.1's) also look pretty real.

      Dolls from many other companies, such as Dollshe, Souldoll, and Iplehouse can be made to look realistic with the right face-up.
    8. I find Soom Mecha Angels very realistic, and Iple House EID as well - Jessica is the most _real_female sculpt I've ever seen!
    9. Jessica is the most realistic female I've seen. No male dolls have really jumped out at me as being realistic yet.
    10. I think the dollmore Lusion looks incredibly realistic.
    11. The Shinydolls can look very real, and no doll has better and more fluid posing, so their bodies nearly always settle into real human poses. :love:
      They are very slender, but as people can be slender.

      Ann in CT
    12. I agree with soom sculpts looking realistic. Super Gem and mecha angel. Occasionally even some of the MD's
      (( This of course referring to the fact that even their fantasy looks as if it could actually exist.))
      But I agree that souldoll and migidoll are two other companies that indeed breed realistic dolls.
      Dollmore has some model dolls and glamour model dolls that hit the mark, though some stray from it.
    13. I found the Iplehouse Jessica to look the most real too. I also think the SD16 dolls by Volks look pretty real (ie Johanna)
    14. Some of the Soom Super Gem males do realistic well. The body is quite a beautiful sculpt, with a good amount of detail. Lupin stands out among their male SG sculpts as very realistic to my eye, though a lot of people aren't fond of the hair from what I've seen. (If I ever got this guy, I'd likely sand it.)
    15. Dollmore's Lusion doll is very realistic :3 Your Jasper is one of my fave dolls too since he looks amazingly realistic! My current obsession though is Oasisdoll Yaoyue; She is just stunning! :aheartbea
    16. Elfdoll does some very realistic dolls. I'm especially impressed with Hazy, Wu, and Red - the others are quite good too.
    17. I think that most reality molds are: Glorydoll, Dollstown and Lumedoll.
    18. Dollstown is one to try.

      To me, it puts most doll companies to SHAME in the realistic-race XDDD
      They look SOOooo real it's freaky. (Not in a bad way, they're gorgeous) but they look like little perfect versions of people XD Like, the stereotype of what "beautiful" is.
      Especially with the right faceup. I sit there waiting for them to move 8O