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Motorcycles for 60-70cm dolls

Aug 24, 2004

    1. Hi -

      If you're still looking for the Harley-Davidson 1/3 scale motorcycles for your doll, I saw them today at Sam's Club for $62.43 (or was it $62.34? I know the $62 part is right!). Our club had the silver modern one, and both red and black Fat Boys.

      I didn't get one because I have no idea where I would put it, but I might reconsider :-). So if you're a Sam's Club member, or you know someone who is, and if you're still looking for the motorcycle, this is among the best prices I recall.

      I hope this is the right place to share this information (since I'm not selling them)!

    2. I'd like to get a bike for my Patrickl (Dollshe Saint) so I wonder where I can get something in the right scale? Preferably a chopper, not a sport bike :lol:

      I've already tried cheap ideas like looking for something proper in toy shops... Nothing. So may be there's some good online shop for things like this? Please help.
    3. I was wondering the same thing. At one point there was a harlie mote controller but I haven't seen it and I believe it cost a LOT.

      Though if you do I would look for something on the 1:3 or 1:4 scale. If you do find something post here were because my uncle already said he would do a custom paint job for Tallon's bike once I can find one. X3
    4. I got one for my boy Jack! It's a one third scale chopper made by Fast Lane. It's actually remote controlled! :) I got it at Toys R Us for around $40! It was on clearance, and then a promotion of 20% off on top of that, plus my 10% employee discount.

      It's the "Black Widow" bike by OCC. Jack loves it, he uses it to pick up chicks. ;3
    5. Oh... found it. Here it is onlly 50$ but at another sites I saw it costs twice more. Why so?

      BTW, nice bike Nakitama! Your boy is a lucky one.
    6. I'm not sure of the scale but I found mine at Big Lots for $30 about a year ago. But I saw them there again not long ago. I got the silver v-rod they also had the other two. My 60cm doll will not fit on it but a smaller doll would.
    7. Oh, that's so cool! Thanks for posting the info! I would so love to get one, but I don't know anyone who's a Sam's Club member. :(
    8. That's nifty! It's probably a good thing I don't really need one...but if they ever made an El Camino I'm sunk! (Lucas drives one XD)
    9. I have seen two large sizes (many smaller ones) one was about 16" long and the other one is 28 inches long. I would presume the 28" one would be big enough for the SD size dolls.
    10. Um, folks, I made that posting in 2004.....

      ...the likelihood that Sam's Club is still carrying these is pretty much negligible, since they turn over their toy merchandise very regularly.

      But hey, it probably can't hurt to look!

    11. I did find two of these on eBay but the auctions just ended and I forked out mucho $$$ for someone who wanted one badly :P hopefully can get the money back soon. Anyhoo it's an R/C type toy made by...New Brite or something I'll have to look it up again. Hard to find now though so eBay's your best bet but you're looking at about $70 for the toy and possibly up to that again in shipping (it's not small and definately not light)
    12. I looked up the New Brite bikes a little while ago and found that they had been discontinued by the manufacturer. however they might come out with another line in the future...who knows.
    13. yeah they were discontinues in 04 or 05 I think. They pop up from time to time on eBay though if you're patient. Like I said though, expect to pay quite a bit (mind I was ready to pay someone up to $300 for a custom made so the $120 I spent on it + shipping wasn't bad XD)
    14. FYI I found some more listings on eBay for these. Items numbers as follows (just pop the numbers into an item search):

      Red Fat Boy (28" long) - sorry no black ones right now

      Red V-rod (29" long)
    15. Yes I noticed the date after my first post but I figured that it wouldn't hurt to check out Sams. You can never tell what they might get in for Christmas.

      Thanks I've checked out the V-rod on ebay. I'm holding out for a silver one.
    16. I'm keeping on looking for motos (especially harley and other cool styles) for 1/3 dolls ><
      If anyone knows where to find them, could you please tell me??
      Thank you very very very much :aheartbea :aheartbea
    17. I think Fast Lane is the only company producing these larger scale RC motorcycles, and apparently they only produce a certain number of each model.

      They are very hard to find, I've been looking for one as well.

      Lucifer "outgrew" his first bike when I switched him from his Volks MSD body to a Volks SDC body.

      His first motorcycle was a really nicely made plastic one, sort of Yamaha looking, that I just happened to spot in Walmart, unfortunately his legs are just too long for it now.

      Guess his little brother, Wraith will be inheriting Lue's old bike now that I've finally managed to find a couple of larger ones for Lucifer. =D

      If you have e-bay access, try doing a search for 1:3 or 1:4 scale remote controlled motorcycles. ^_^

      They are starting to show up on there occasionally, that's where I found the two I bought for Lue.

      In fact, there are a few listed on e-bay right now, although they aren't really what I'd call a chopper.
      They still look pretty cool, lol, what Harley doesn't. ;D

      I lucked out and found a couple of different Harley models that had buy it now prices and no bids.

      I just hope the two I bought will be the right size for Lue.
      They were listed as 1:3 scale, and Lue is still technically 1:4 scale.
      However, the measurements people had listed for all the 1:3 scale bikes were all about the same, and they were smaller than the measurements given for the only 1:4 scale motorcycle that I found! 0_o

      If that seller's measurements were correct, that 1:4 bike would have been way too big for Lue!

      I was hoping Lue's new bikes would get here before I leave for Japan, but no such luck.

      Good Luck with your search, hope you find one soon for Patrick! ^_^

      Oh, I'll be back from Japan on the 23rd of September, if there's any way I can be of assistance with your search when I get back, let me know!
      I'll be happy to help! ^_^
    18. I managed a harley fatboy in black for my big boys and another type in red for my mini....expensive for the older hard to find models though. They fit my DoTs but I'm not sure if they'll stretch to a Dollshe but it's not inconceivable :) I'm just ultra picky that way
    19. on souldoll's website they have two different kind of choppers, I think they are the right scale to.