Preorder Mouse Сhocote and Cyclops Mizuki preorder is open on 1 november

Sep 30, 2016

    1. ☆☆☆ Dear friends! ☆☆☆

      with pleasure we tell you what - will be to open from 1 novemder, in preoeder :
      Mouse Chocote - mint color
      Cyclops Mizuki - violet color
      Cyclops Mizuki - grey color

      more foto on site

      :aheartbeaPrice: 250 USD :aheartbea
      In cost it is included - a doll, packing materials, delivery of EMS by mail, eyes.

      Preorder Period
      from 1 november

      (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

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    2. The little green haired cyclops is my favorite of the three shown here, super cute.
      Will these be available after the preorder period is up or will they be available only during this time and possible future preorder runs?
    3. How tall are these dolls? And yeah, are they limited run available only on pre-order date???
    4. Mint Cyclops it will be on exhibition LDOLL -16:D.
      Will it be pre-order later, I can't say. this pre-order will be purple and grey):wiggle

      Here are the dimensions:lol:

      Height : 17 cm.
      Growth with a horn: 18,5
      Circumference of head : 19,5 cm
      Circumference of chest :11 cm
      Length of arm (shoulder to wrist) : 5 cm
      Circumference of waist : 11 cm
      Circumference of hip : 17,5 cm
      Eyes size : 50 mm or 5 cm
      the grasp of hips: 7 cm
      -orders will open November 1 and will be until all the Cyclops will not end.:D
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    5. Did you know that a horn on your head on a magnet?:wiggle

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    6. I noticed the hoodies are now on your site. Will the clothes Chocote is wearing be available soon aswell?

      And a mint cyclops would be so adorable. I just love the color.
    7. Hoods will be on sale from November 1, they are suitable for mice and Cyclops:D
    8. Preorder was open TO DAAY:XD: in 13-00 on Paris time:love