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Moxie girls and Liv doll clothing and wigs for tiny's?

Sep 20, 2009

    1. Does anyone know if the clothing and wigs from the new Moxie girls (the ones that replaced Bratz) and Liv would fit tiny Bjd's. Shoes? I was looking at the BBB Bei and thought that they would fit. Was not so sure if the clothing is bigger or smaller than Barbie's. What do you all think?
    2. The Liv wigs fit my Pukifee and the jacket from the doll fits her too. She can wear the pants, but they are long on her, but they fit the waist.
    3. Moxie
      They got some cute stuff and I think a few wigs. Not the ones attached to actual heads but a few of their dolls looks like they got interchangeable wigs.

      Liv girls. I went to the website and it looks like its easier to go to target.com or walmart.com to get a look at them. Their website is geared as an online world per say.

      Anyway what are your thoughts. ^^

      To compare size I put a pair of liv boots on my Pullip to see if they were bigger than barbie shoes and they are loose. I know Pullip is not on topic so I am sorry for mentioning her. I was just using her as a basis for comparison as I don't own a small barbie size bjd.
    4. They fit Pukifee!! :D Oh good. There is another worry out of the way. Though the clothing style is geared for older girls. :S Atleast the wigs fit.
    5. I'm working on getting a SOOM Minigem, and as soon as I do, I'll let you know how the clothing fits.

      I've heard on another forum, that the Moxie girls are the same size as the Bratz dolls, so they should fit the same dolls, like Tinybear's big Moona and Mina, and PpoPpo. Maybe the LadySauki dolls?

      As for the Liv dolls, I haven't bought any of the clothes yet, so I'm not sure the sizing, and I don't have any of the dolls mentioned currently to check (although, it's totally not for a lack of want in some cases xD)
    6. You can find some comparison photos on flickr by searching everyone's uploads for ' moxie doll comparison" and "liv doll comparison". The moxie girls look like they have more normal proportions in the waist and hip than bratz, so their stuff may fit a few more dolls than bratz clothes. The liv body looks closer to dynamite girls/misaki or azone sizes, just a little more slender than barbie but in that general range.
    7. I just read that AmyAngel put a Moxie girl wig on her MNF Shushu and it fit fairly well so I wouldn't think their wigs would work for a PKF at least.
    8. good to know. does anybody have any pics of them wearing the clothes? I liked some of the sets for the liv girls but was afraid the clothes would not fit.
    9. I bought the Liv clothing for my Planetdoll Mini Riz and they fit her a shade better than Barbie gear. I had to slit the opening of the sleeves just a smidge though because they were too small for her hands. I've been wanting to buy the Moxie girls clothes to try on my smaller bjd's but haven't yet. By the way, Liv and Moxie are both available at Target.
    10. I had a Liv wig for my pukifee, but ended up not liking it. It was kind of a lot of hair for her, even after I cut it. Kind of made her top heavy, plus I didn't like the feel of the hair.
    11. I wonder if they could fit Mini Riz - I'll have to look into this!
    12. Ok- Moxie Girl and Liv wig review:
      Moxie girl wigs are crap- rough fiber, elastic style chin strap to hold them on because they are not a full head cap. Don't waist the $5 on them.
      Clothes for the moxie girls are not bad and will work on Resinsoul Bei and similar dolls like Bobobie March. The shoes will not work on any other dolls. Got a really nice mask with one of the dolls that i got my daughter. I kept the mask because it fit Bei PERFECTLY.
      Liv wigs are sew onto a plastic head cap and use a plastic spike to hold them onto the Liv dolls heads (the spike can be cut out easily). Because of the cap style you may damage aesthetic work if you have a whole doll paint job that is on the head cap. Use with care. On some of the wigs I can see obvious stitching lines in the head cap too so styling will be required. However they are much nicer fibers then the Moxie Girl wigs and will work well with ABJD. The wig stand is also substantial plastic that is good for storage. The wigs fit tightly on my Resinsoul Bei. Worth the $5
      The clothes are nice too. shoes might work on other dolls but not my Bei.

      Hope this helps
    13. Thanks! :) That helps greatly! *heart*
    14. No one ever said what size the moxiegirl wigs are. I found like, five places in the last five minutes that have the liv girl measurments, but no moxie girlz wig measurements >:< The Moxie heads look slightly bigger than the liv heads...
    15. does anyone know what size a Liv doll wig is?
    16. A Liv wig is a 5/6 size.
    17. oh good,thanks for the info lol.ive been trying to figure that out for like the past half hour
    18. Not sure if anyone is interested, but I got a liv doll wig for my Cherish Chubby today. It's bit big (slides on his head), but doesn't look bad. I used a bit of tape to solve that problem though.
    19. I read somewhere that Liv girl's feet are a bit bigger that Barbie's and that few very shoes will fit them.