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Mr. Super Clear UV Cut in stock at D&H

Apr 29, 2005

    1. Um, I'm not sure that I'm posting this in the right place, and if not I'm reallyreally sorry, and the mods can feel free to delete. :roll:

      I just wanted to let everyone know that Doll and Hobby had some Mr. Super Clear back in stock, 'cause I know it's hard to get and some places (like PlaJapan) have been backordered for a while now.


      Is there a "doll supply update list" or something? It seems like that would be convienient for little posts like this. ^_^;;
    2. you are my hero :D
    3. Heh. Always glad to be of service. ^_^
    4. Thank you very much!
    5. *sigh* >< I'd be all over this..but I already preordered from PlaJapan.

      If only I would have known it would take this long! X__X
    6. I ordered from them over a month ago when it said it was in stock. I still dont have it. >_> So I don't know if you would get it faster by ordering it from D&H I have been waiting wah! I need it so bad this makes me so frusturated! I just want my MSC :crushed
    7. I ordered MSC from them at the end of Feb/beginning of March. The website said it was in stock but I never got it and finally cancelled the order. :roll:
    8. Hum.... it's out of stock now. :(
    9. Why did it take so long for some of you to get it, I wonder?
      I ordered some the Saturday before last, and it arrived on my doorstep that Monday. (Mm, highly explosive chemicals. Just the thing you want in your mailbox!)
    10. I ordered around that time too. See, it says it's in stock but I'm sure they run out very fast. When that happens, and you order, they put you on back order and send out a can to you when they recieve their next shipment. I just got mine this week and honestly, I didn't mind the wait at all. And of course they won't charge your card until they actually have some to send to you.
    11. I emailed them, at it turns out there was a problem with my order but we fixed it. Hopefully I will get my MSC soon.