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mr super clear UV cut in stock Domuya

Jun 15, 2005

    1. I just ordered some Mr. Super Clear UV Cut from Domuya today - yes, expensive, and yes, long wait for shipping (I think... never ordered super clear from Domuya before, but assuming ship by boat since aerosol+plain=possible big kaboom!) but... I am so sick of waiting for Doll Hobby to come in stock with the stuff. I just missed the note on the 7th about them being in stock (I saw it like, 2 days after) and they were already sold out, so... Personally, I'll take it where I can get it! And if you're like me better grab some quick!

      PS: They've also got quite a few outfits and other tools/supplies in stock now, so maybe good time to browse?
    2. why would doll and hobby shop take so long to restock.
      of course they aren't doing on purpose but seems to
      take so long. I saw "order now for next shipment" sign on
      the doll that I want to get but that sign has been there for ages.
      they still haven't shipped yet?? but anyways, I'm glad that
      there is doll shops like DH for u.s. residents.
      I'm debating whether to order my doll through domuya/ DH... but
      I could save so much through DH.... hmmm dilema :|