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Mr. Superclear in stock at Doll Hobby

Jun 7, 2005

    1. I just bought 3 cans, thank you! Their web site seems to be having issues, but I called them up and they're shipping it out to me today. Wheeee! I've been trying to get some for a while, and finding it's such a headache. They said they have somewhere around a dozen cans left that are up for grabs, and they hope to have it in stock more regularly in the future.
    2. I must have spent almost an hour getting through on the website, wanted some rooting hair also, and it took a very long time with lots of timed-out, lost items, can't find the web site messages,etc. At one point, with 7 items in my checkout basket, the check out basket said I had 1015 items there. Definitely issues with their site today. But did get some little things I'd been wanting, like the paint set too, and my final checkout was correct. - Barb in MA
    3. Oops... an attempt to visit their site yields a response of "The server is currently disabled." Whoops.
    4. I had some trouble with the site yesterday but did get my order in after about 15 minutes. But then the server was just extremely slow. I just hit the link and waited patiently... well, maybe not patiently!