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msd accesories find!! at target. horses!

Nov 19, 2006

    1. (if you don't want to read the long drawn out story and just want the info read the very last paragraph)

      ok so my friends and i were at this little mini-mall that has both a target, a best buy, and a game stop. there were 2 lines of people in sleeping bags infront of these stories waiting for the Wii. so we went to go and make fun of them. (oh so much fun it is.)

      while we were there we stopped at target. and since i had the kids with me. we decided to see if we could find them some things. well we went down a doll isle looking for a stuffed elephant and we happen to see these american girl horses. and like everything else we have seen taht was kind of big we stuck my laki (dz megi) onto the horse. and omg! he so fit.

      and to top if off well for my me personally he looked just like my friends horse. so we are gonna save up and get him the horse it was $30 and comes with a lot of extras. and it was so cute cute cute.


      Mod note:

      The Target store horses are from "Our Generation" doll line. An 18 inch doll.

    2. actually i think they work better for msds than they do for the dolls they were designed for. like in my first post my friend has a horse and the porportions for my msd to the horse seemed perfect where as the american girl dolls are a lot stockier. they seem kind of big on teh horse to me.
    3. You know, in the american girl catalog they not only have the horses, they have at least one carriage for them too! :love Really pretty with quilted seats inside and everything.
    4. I know. ^_^ I have that one~! they look lovely in it. Both, actually, as there is also a really pretty sled that is "pulled" by a horse. I have been collecting AG since I was 7, so once I found my boys, my girls had to start sharing!!
      AG company furniture, and many props, fit perfectly. They are slightly big, but I think that they look really good with them. The beds fit msd's better then they do the girls they are made for!

      But yes, The horses fit perfectly. Soo-ji loves to ride molly's blue bike as well. ^_~

    5. ^_^;; Yes, that one~! I have a doll issue, I am aware. lol But, my boys look amazing in it! Like I said, all AG furniture is slightly small for the girls, so on MSD's they are a really nice fit. Their feet hang just off the floor on chairs, but I think it's cute. ^_^

    6. This is amazing information. I've always loved American Girl, so to know that my AG doll's accessories will work for my incoming Lily is awsome. I don't have the room for it, but now I want the carriage.
    7. AG also sells a lot of mini animals sized to be pets for the AG dolls. Would these be proportional to a MSD? I'm not sure, and I want my future girl to have a dog or a cat, and I really love the little Westie.
    8. Piccy :)

      One target horse, imported, repainted, rehaired, new handmade tack.

      This is what a slim mini looks like on one :)


      Home made saddle, copied after a 1800s british one



      Medieval style.

    9. Sue she's so realstic, you did a great job
    10. Thank you for the compliments <blushes> I am pleased with her but I do a lot of horse repainting so I've had practice, but its always nice when someone likes what you do.

      Princess A look for 'battat horse' on ebay, american girl will get you the horses, very nice they are too, that are sold by the company that produces that doll, these are kinda separate I believe. Target being a sister shop to woolies here.
    11. I'm so tempted to buy an MSD-size horse from Ebay, but am being slightly put off by the fact that shipping is $50...costing about twice of what I pay to actually get the horse. T-T Being in the UK sucks.
    12. oh wow, that's amazing what you did with the home made saddle! fantastic job!
    13. so awesome.... course now I'm sitting here thinking "hmmmk Yue /could/ use a bed..... oh wait... *looking at prices* thaaats why I never got a doll when I was little!"
    14. Yah, my favorite doll, and I did finally get one, when I was a kid was $15, and that was in the late 1960's, so it must have been a fortune!

      Hey, maybe we should make this thread for more than just horses. We should make it an ongoing thread on accessories that are the right size that you can get at stores like Target? I mean, would the kitchen playset fit? The OG dolls are 18" no? And ours are a little smaller, no? so ???

      And the Bathtub! I want a bathtub!!! And this table and chair set, some say it may have been re-vamped because some say it's not badly made. It certainly looks pretty? Ooooh, A day bed ;) and oh man, I love scooters!

      Great stuff!
    15. I have the kitchen and it is in perfect scale to my Unoas and MNFs. The poor OG doll is so out of scale it looks like she is playing with pre-school kitchen furniture:lol:
    16. Hey, good to know! er... and bad, LOL, I could easily spend all my savings for my IH Tania on toys, LOL, I need to get my last two dolls (er... I think I need the last 3 I've planned) and then I gotta start buying lots of goodies for them!
    17. I want that bathtub!