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MSD Carrier bag question

Jul 16, 2007

    1. I have a question for other MSD owners. I need a
      bag or carrier for my MSD. What do you use ?
      Is there a brand that you perfer ? Hard or soft ?
    2. I have a hard and a soft bag, the bigger the doll the harder the bag. A mini can fit in something the size of an average tote. When you carry one around do you find you accidentally hit it on things? If you're more prone to knocking in to stuff with your bag you may want to concider a hard case. If you're super careful you may be okay with a soft bag.
    3. I borrowed a soft bag but I was worried that the way
      I put her in she smushed her eyelashes. It seems like the shipping is almost as much as a soft bag. I like
      the violin case but it seems so bulky. I've started to
      look at all kinds of 'bags' now for ideas for her.
      I use an old cosmetic train case for some other dolls
      I have.
    4. Posted it before, but will again...


      Yarn tote. $15 from Jo-Ann's. Hard-sided and perfect for hauling multiple MSDs around (sits two, kneels four). Pockets inside and out for STUFF! I have a DOD carrier bag, but I barely use it.
    5. Ah....I had a feeling that there would be other bags
      being used ! I'll have to check that out ! Thank you
      so much for posting !
    6. No prob. I about had a fit when I saw it in Jo-Ann's...it's normally around $50 but they had it on clearance (may still have). My mother caved into buying it AND caved into giving it to me before my birthday so I could tote it around a convention *grin* I've kitted it out with removable memory foam panels and plan to fly with it this weekend...of course, with the foam it can now only kneel three, but what can you do...I've only got the three in the photo to take anyway, since my other dolls are off getting face-ups or waiting for payment, ahaha.
    7. Being vaguely uncreative in such matters, I just went ahead and bought the volks msd case. The sides are somewhat soft, but could stand up to being bumped into without much problem. I don't have two dolls to try with, but it looks like you could double bunk. I just always keep my girl's face protector on when she is in there. It has enough pockets that I am convinced I could move somewhere with it... I took my girl, a wig, two outfits, an extra pair of shoes, my wallet, and my keys all in it to my last meetup.
    8. In terms of anti-eyelash-smushing, you can get a face shield and that way your doll can travel in all sorts of things without too much worrying. Maybe?
      Like so:
    9. I have the DOD bag and I just use the faceplate Rebekah came with, and use a lump of eye putty on her headcap to keep it in place. Some people have recommended Starbuck's frappeccino lids.
    10. Face sheilds are wonderful, both of my white minis have one. I've seen rolling suitcases used for dolls too.
    11. I use a small suitcase with wheels :lol: but I do own 6 mini dolls 1 tiny and 3 floating mini heads so I need something a bit bigger. I got it for $15 at Ross dress for less :)
    12. Chibikarin, that's about what my yarn tote is, ROFL!
    13. I have a soft DoD bag that i use for my dolls, though I need to upgrade to a bigger one since i'm getting more dolls, lol. Mine have always been fine in it though since the bag came with pillows and the face covers. As long as you have those, and you're not prone to running into things, soft bags work just fine. I think I might upgrade to a small suit case like OpheliaB though, seems like a good idea since it can hold more stuff.
    14. where can i buy Violin Case for my dollfie??(MSD)
    15. I used the Soulldog bag Carrier for MSD, it was very confortable and I carried two dolls!
      Now i use the Large sized from Luts, because now I've got 60cm dolls too ^^U

      I think you can find Voilin cases in a musical instruments shop...i think ^^U
      Volks made a lot of time ago, Carrier bags like a violin cases, but it's rarely to found today
    16. I looked into violin cases for awhile and almost bought a kids rolling backpack at work this month since I tend to just use her box for long trips or my messenger bag for short trips. I did manage to finally find a coffin now though so thats the case I use now >_>

      I personally do prefer a hard case because I just feel safer I guess. I'm very accident prone so I don't want her to get damaged if I were to drop the box or something.

      ebay and music stores are good places to find violin cases. ebay can be a pretty cheap place to find them and has a lot of styles.
    17. but i don noe which one is ok for my dollfie to put in...or is it going to D.I.Y the case??
    18. If you have concerns about if your doll will fit I suggest taking it. Take your doll to a music store and explain what you are looking for. You may have to change up the insides a bit, but I believe there's a tutorial for that.
    19. hm...thank you....hope can find one....Nu Er come faster to Mommy here...