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MSD Dollheart outfits--will they fit the Slim Minis?

Jan 26, 2011

    1. I am interested in the new Romance outfits.
      I have some of the Dollheart Fers and know they fit very well on Narae, Unoa etc.
      I'm wondering if the Romance of Palace MSD ones are made more for the thicker bodies, though.
      For those of you who have bought Dollheart ensembles like these in the past, I would like your opinions. I only have slim minis--Unoa, Narae, Mini-Supia, so I would be asking about the fit on these girls in particular.
    2. I know they are too large on Minifee. They are just too wide. Of course the skirts fit if they are stretchy, but the tops are too big.
    3. That is very helpful, Snow. Thank you for the information. :D