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MSD dolls in name only?

Feb 6, 2008

    1. Just curious to those of you who own MSD sized dolls. When u look at MSD sized dolls, do you PREFER Them to look as children? or do you like the more mature looking MSD sized dolls?

      I'm curious, because it seems that MSD sized dolls are almost always child-like in look and sculpt. Is there anyone who really loves the more mature MSD sizes...

      To you, Is MSD only MSD in name? or should it look like a kid?
    2. I prefer the MSD be grown-up looking, because they remind me of little people compared to the SD ones. Not everyone is tall and very mature looking, so they are like the opposite of the SD dolls. Thats what I think. :)
    3. Kiddos!

      Heh, okay, probably because most my characters are young. I write way to much YA stuff. But I actually really like the childish look of most MSD's, and I haven't really found a mature looking MSD that I like yet, at least not enough to get one for myself.

      I could psycho-analyze myself to see if there's a deeper meaning to this preference, but then, kids are just cute, so maybe thats all it comes down to for me. :p
    4. I think the issue you are having is as you say, with the title you give them.

      If you say MSD, of course it is implied that the doll is child like, as it implies the doll is, or is very similar to, a Volks MSD, which is very youthful in looks.

      If you say mini, it is a lot more open. An Unoa is a mini, so are Narindolls, LatiBlues.

      If you say mini, you have the choice to specify mature or child-like, or you have the choice not to make either implication.
    5. I prefer more mature mini sized dolls. <3
    6. I have an MSD-sized girl, but I think she looks very mature. In fact, that's her in my icon. Now mind you, that's kind of a kiddy pose I have her in, but her body is mature, so I don't think of her as a young girl. She's 18 at least, but maybe older considering she's not... exactly human, per se ^^;
    7. I prefer the more mature minis, don't even look at the kids. But then I prefer mature dolls in general. Even my tinies are, with the one exception of Lucy.
    8. I prefer the more mature minis.

      The MSD size just feels more "for me" than the SD size, so I want to have my characters, who are in there late teens, early twens in MSD size.

      I think, the childlike MSDs are cute, but not my thing, I guess. ^^ If I want cute and childlike, I'll stick to tinys ^^
    9. I like a little of both. Sometimes its nice to have the thin, mature looking MSDs. Sometimes its nice to have the kid-built (chubbier) looking MSDs. I guess if they're cute, I'm game. XD
    10. It depends on the characters. Bedwyn and Karo are both MSDs, but Karo is 17 and Bedwyn is 19. So.. I'd prefer if they looked older, but at the moment, they do look childish. ^^; I would eventually like to upgrade Bedwyn to an SD.
    11. i dont hear 'mini' and think child so im not really sure what you mean, but i suppose i prefer the children as theyre in proportion to SD dolls ^^ plus i like cute girls lol
    12. I have and like both, too. My Volks is a little girl, and my new Parabox 47 cm is definitely a little girl. My Souldoll Yewon has a little girl face but a mature body, and I'm not crazy about that. I think I'm going to do a breast-reduction on her. Dollzone Feilian is mature bodied. I consider my boys (AoD Chen and DZ Megi) to be young adults.
      Except for the little girls, I tend to think of my minis as young adults- teenagers. My SD size dolls are all adults.
      But in general- the age range is really loose and I think can be whatever you want it to be. Really, my dolls may fit into an age range, but they are ageless.
      Even my tinies, although they look like babies, are mentally pretty mature, lol!
    13. I like them both, although the two MSDs I have are both mature looking (A Goodreau & a DIM). I do think of MSDs as smaller versions of the SD dolls. I love my Choa, but I prefer the MSD size because they take up less space and are easier to play with. Because of this, I do like them looking more mature, but I also like seeing the child versions available as well.
    14. I only have one and she looks like a child. Mature minis don't really fit in with my other dolls.
    15. To me it depends. I own two MSD boys. My boy Shoji by far looks like a child compared to his brother Draven. Shoji is a DoC Hoo and I have to say in certain wigs he looks more like a child. *points to icon* He's more mature looking in that wig. No matter what I do to Draven (DZ Hid) he's totally more mature. I think it's those pants he has...XD
    16. I prefer Edgar to look 12~
      And I cannot order any other MSD's if they look any older then 15, ya know? ​
    17. I am a fan of the mature MSD dolls. That is one of the reasons why my dolls are DZ and Bobobie.
    18. My first MSD was indeed a young girl, but my two incoming MSD girls are definitely grown-up women.
      I think it really depends on the mold wether it is a young or adult "person".
    19. To me MSD is a size name, not a name for kid dolls - Mini Super Dollfie. The name does not imply children.

      Personally I like the mature MSD's. I do not collect SD's, so there is nothing for me to have them be children for.
    20. Well, technically it's a brand name, not a size name.

      Mature MSD is an oxymoron, since Volks do not make mature MSDs.