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MSD Elastic :3

Jan 4, 2008

    1. Ahem, first of all forgive me if this is a stupid question, I'm a first time mommy. :sweat

      I was just looking at DOD and was hoping to get some clothes for my boy and a wig.. and elastic!! *gasp*:o

      So I was wondering, since he is a Luts MNF, will the elastic for the DoC's (sold on the DOD site) work for him as well? does he require a specific type? are all MSD elastics the same? and if DOD's doesn't work, anyone knows where I can get some? :?
    2. As far as I'm aware there's no huge difference in elastic from company to company, but from size to size there is. Elastic used to string a tiny, for example, must be much thinner than elastic used to string a 60cm doll so that it can fit through all of their limbs and joints. And of course a 60cm doll needs stronger elastic than a tiny, which is also wider. Some people just pop down to the fabric/craft store and buy coated elastic cord, I think the ones doll companies sell are mostly convenient because they'll be the right thickness and length to sring a doll of that size. : )

      Don't know the specifics of DoC vs MNF joints/elastic/whatever, so if anyone else posts saying they aren't compatible listen to them. XD
    3. Ok, thanks for the replies! :3 Just to clear it up, seems I didn't explain myself too well, is that I plan on buying the elastic meant for the DoC, not the DoT.

      skwerlie: I'm not too sure I wanna take my boy to a store to get the right elastic, and if I don't take him I'm afraid I might buy the wrong one n.n;;

      Carolyn: So as long as it's meant for MSD's it's supposed to fit, no? I shall check Volks USA anyways, thanks for the link! :D
    4. As long as it's says it's for MSD's it should be about the right diameter and stretch for a mini. It's possible DOC uses a narrower gauge. MSD's are stockier than DOC. But I do not see a separate elastic size for Volks SDC which is a slim mini so their MSD elastic may be meant for both.