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MSD hightop Converse?

Jun 19, 2007

    1. I was told they could be found at Dollmore, but they're all sold out. Are there any other plaaces that carry MSD size hightop Converse? Preferably in red or black..

      EDIT: These [​IMG]
    2. I was actually looking for either black or red (not sequin-y) which they don't seem to have in stock. Thanks though!
    3. Hey Kuroraka-chan thanks for the link I'd seen it before but couldn't find it again. Do you know if these shoes would fit a DOD DOC new body 2 ? Thanks :D
    4. Loogie: Opps didn't notice they were out of stock, sorry. They do restock quiet often so maybe you should keep your eye on them?

      PepperLooney: They probably would. They fit on my Dollzone boy who has really big feet, so they should fit most other MSD size dolls.
    5. Magic Tailor actually does have black in stock, just message them before buying to make sure. I ordered a black pair this way last week and got them in yesterday if you want pics. :D
    6. Oh cool :) because i really want some thanks again and yes pictures would be nice ^___^ reshana :D
    7. Here ya go. (sorry about the crappy lighting, the lamp makes everything really yellow)

    8. I have some more pictures of a doll wearing them for you ^_^


      There are also some shoots of my boy wearing them out there.. i love them to death ;3

      They do fit doc, my friends Ivan had them on at a meet ~lol she had a shoe problem at the time~
    9. No offense, but I think Loogie's point of making this topic was to see WHERE you can buy the shoes other than Dollmore, not seeing pictures of them. ^_^"
      I already think she knows how they look like. . .
    10. Those aren't Dollmore shoes, they're from Magic Tailor. Thought she might like to see em since they're in stock.
    11. Does anyone know where you can buy them except Magic Tailor? After reading about her in the Problem Transactions forum, I'm not sure if I want to risk buying from her, but I really, really want converse for my boy!
    12. Haha, yeah I know what they look like, but not where to get them. I'm looking for hightops, like, really high. I've added a picture in my original post.
      Yes, I read about Magic Taylor on Bad Dolly Deals, and it makes me a bit leery, also.
    13. Uhm sorry but:
      Oh cool because i really want some thanks again and yes pictures would be nice ^___^
    14. I haven't found anyone but them, otherwise I wouldn't have risked it either. I searched for awhile before deciding hey, I really want those shoes and its only $10 if they flake on me. She sent them quick but yeah, its kind of hit or miss with that seller.

      I still can't bring myself to get the large converse for my DoT since they're about $30 with shipping which is more than I'm willing to lose on a possible bad transaction.

      Loogie you might try keychain shoes, I don't know how we'll they'd fit but a lot of them look identical to the ones Dollmore carries.

      In fact these keychain shoes ARE the shoes that Dollmore carries.
    15. Actually she isn't as bad as people make her sound. Sometimes items get lost or broken and usually she will refund or replace the items. The only problem is that it takes a little poking to get her to do it :sweat
    16. Yeah, thats a good point. I'm just not too fond of the chunky keychain looking ones, y'know what I mean? I'll stick to the Vans slip-on type shoes for now. Easier to find and pretty inexpensive..