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MSD Phones! Closer than you think!

Jun 13, 2007

    1. [​IMG]

      Check it out! They're keychains at Claire's. They come in a variety of colours and with different designs on the covers...pink with skull and bones, for example, and a couple with monkey faces, and what have you. They are working clocks, so they're made out of actual metal, not cheap plastic. They have heft to them!

      My MSD Irian telling me to shut up coz she's on the phone. (She's wearing a smorgasbord of things I found at Claire's, lol...)

      If you have a Claire's, hie ye hence for phones! I imagine they'd be small, super-trendy-type phones on SDs as well. If you don't have a Claire's and you really want phones...PM me, we'll work it out. But everyone who has one near you should totally check it out!
    2. Stores like Claires are always fun to find interesting little things in :3
      That phone is really cute~ I'll have to run out and get one!
    3. Just so you know, their default is to snap closed. There's a little spring mechanism in the hinge and I had to break the part of it that goes into the little hole in the phone off so it would stay open or closed depending on how I want it. ^^
    4. OpheliaB, Glad you posted this I was going to post it too.
      I bought 5 phones last weekend.

      Their GREAT for MSD!

    5. I should've known Claires would have something like that xD Now I know where to look whenever I get my boy :3
      Thanks =D
    6. Oh, yeah, I love these! My girl has one with a cherry pattern..but shh, don't tell her, it's going to be a present. ;)

      The little "loop" on the side that's left is great for cell-phone charm. Just slip a few beads on some string and attatch a clasp at the top. ^^

    7. ooh awesome :D thanks for the heads up!!
    8. Claire's has ALL KINDS OF THINGS. In the "Baby Club" section they have tiny tiny crocodile hairclips that Irian and I are going to try fixing up a humdrum wig we have with, and all kinds of tiny hair accessories good for MSDs. You can see the scarves (she has three on but you can't see the one wrapped around her wrist) that are "headwraps" and currently on clearance. They have horrible pastel rainbow leopard arm warmers that, with a bit of necessary and then decorative safety-pinning are a fun retro 80s shirt (Irian has hers on), they have necklaces composed of EXTREMELY small ball chain that I'm itching to take apart...and don't forget the earrings. The earrings, taken apart, make GREAT necklace pendants.

      EDIT: Also, check out the wrist bands, the ones that are highly decorative and have snaps. You know, most bracelets and wrist bands made for "girls" are either nice bustiers or belts for MSDs. I might snap some more pix of Irian later modeling some stuff. I found a green drab wrist band with decorative handcuffs...I bought it for the handcuffs (which DO work and fit Irian's wrists perfectly), but the band itself is a snazzy bustier that only needs a plain black shirt and some camo pants to rock.

      Seriously, just browse Claire's, especially the keychain section and clearance section. You will be AMAZED.
    9. . . . I love Claire's.
    10. well what ya know, lill belgium has a Claire's too :D I went to take a look, they have those little watches too.they were a bit expensive imo but hey at least your doll can actually tell you what time it is :p
    11. Oh that is so awesome! I just have to go there now and get a phone for Rosette. xD
    12. its so cute---:D
    13. Thank you so much for the wonderful and creative ideas!
      I will now have to go mall shopping a little more than before xD!
    14. Cute *.* I don't have a Claire's here ¬¬U but there're one on next city I think... I'll try to find super fashion phone for my future guy !
    15. I saw the phone at claire's I though the same thing ^_^ but It was like $7 and all I had was bus fare =D
    16. Yeah, they are like $7.50 but it still beats paying $10 for some plastic thing that has to be shipping across the Pacific...*grin*
    17. .... Has to visit the Claire's store more often now :)
      Maybe a bit o.t, but they have these cute little bangle thingies (those you can put on a bracelet) that make great necklaces.
    18. Im going to have to go to claires sometime soon. I promised Vincent next time I went to the mall he would come with me and now he can get his sized stuff at claires ^_^
    19. OMG! I have that same mini watch o.o 'cept mine is silver and i scratched off all the paint!Neat though, I might have to use it for when my Fenyo arrives
    20. Claires always have awesome mini stuff I need to seriously get to claires an get some !! Thanks for this :D