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MSD Plushies

Jan 1, 2008

    1. Hmm is this too off topic?? Aren't there threads about MSD furniture? heh. I'm asking about MSD plushies or toys because I intend to build an army of stuffed toys for my doll.

      So, does anyone know any plushes that would be a good fit for an MSD? Sorry if I make no sense.

      Like these: http://album.blog.yam.com/show.php?a=qiudiary&f=726107&i=56921730&p=51


      Like those cute asian plushies that I don't know about.

      I guess I'm just asking if you people know any good brands.

      Please delete this if it's too OT *feels dumb *_* *
    2. Beanie-baby type plushies would probably work; I use Kelly (Barbie's little sister) plushies for my girl, as I prefer smaller plushies ^w^
    3. For smaller plushies for MSD I use plushie keychains. I just cut off the little loop that is holding the metal keyring. :)
    4. I usually use 3"-4" plushies for MSDs, here's an MSD with a 3" plush. I usually make my own, or steal them from the 4 year old that lives with us!:sweat Keychain plushes are usually the best choice.:)
      (I didn't take the picture, just made the plush)
    5. Some of the plushies in those photos look like 8-inch plushies for kids.

      Ebay seems to have a decent amount of Japanese-style and anime plushies - try there.

      I see 4" Neopets minis and larger neopets. Just search Ebay for (plushie,plush,plushies)

      You could also search Marketplace Accessories for: plushy or plushie*

    6. I have bought three small plushies from Target for about $3 each. They come from that "Only Hearts Club" dolls that Target sells. I believe they carry pandas, monkeys, pigs etc., and their front paws have velcro for closing.... Someone can give the correct name of the doll series, hopefully. (thank you Greenbonie!)

      I think they are a perfect size for minis.

    7. For anyone who wants plushes that aren't Japanese style, you could also check AC Moore craft shop. My local one has a bin of little stuffed animals in the aisle that has bear clothes and some assorted doll things. I think there are little teddy bears and little rabbits. My dolls from tiny to mini love Mr. Bunny.

      I originally had a photo of Bambicrony Pepe and the rabbit here, but it reminded me to do the ceremonial passing of Mr. Bunny to my new girl Suzume (Unoa Sist). I bought Mr. Bunny in 2005 for my first BJD, Sharmin, and since then Mr. Bunny has been passed to each new girl when she arrives!


    8. I do believe the doll line you're thinking of is Only Hearts Club. :) Their dolls are a little larger than 6", though, so maybe there's another line featuring similar pets that I don't know about?
    9. http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=4012 <- those are really cute, thanks Jahkari Owens ^^.
      Carolyn that plush is so sweet. My May might like something similar ^^
      skylarkza those are a little small but they look nice ^^

      Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I've seen some cute keychain plushes and such, but I didn't exactly know the right size, so thanks for the photos x)
    10. Mr. Bunny is about 3.5 inches tall, not including the ears.

    11. I was about to suggest Dollmore's stuff, but someone already beat me to it XD

      I've toyed around with some friends' MSD dolls, and I find that the smaller sized beanie babies (like the bears or rabbits) make better 'larger' plushies for the mini dolls.

      Someone also suggested keychains, which is another pretty good alternative, though it'll prolly be cheaper to do rather than getting one from Dollmore (saves on shipping and you wait a little less).