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MSD size bed at Sears (in Canada)

Nov 4, 2007

    1. Hey Everyone,

      I don't own an MSD dolly, but I was looking through the Sears Wishbook and I saw a pink bunk bed that is 22inches long - the frame is pink and it comes with pink bedding, but I am sure it would be easy to paint and make new bedding for it. It was $25 though, so figured I should let others here know about it.

      I have looked through the Sears website and could not find a picture of it. I did however find this Victorian Style bed that is 18 inches long and is only $25 and can be purchased online.

      Hopefully this helps out some dolly owners that are in search of a bed for their dolly.

      ....mod edit...

      links may change so search for doll bed and see what they have.

    2. 20-22 inches is about the normal American Girl size bed. I've also seen an unfinished wood one with no bedding at one of the big craft stores (probably AC Moore but could have been Michaels). And there are a lot of Amercan girl aka 18" doll size beds on Ebay and one the web.

      Sometimes minis can look a bit small in American girl beds, mainly if the bed is very chunky or especially long. Often they look fine.

    3. I wish that was SD size. I'd run out to a Sears and buy one right now if it was. Good to know though. I wanna re-buy myself a Souldoll Miryu one day with the default face up, so hopefully it'll still be available when I get around to that. XD
    4. Re SD size - it would be a bit of work, but if you got a fairly wide wood bed for American girl with wood supports for the mattress (rather than woven support), you could cut it on both sides and make it longer various ways - for example, gluing a large wood rectangle on the underside.

      The bed would be unattractive on the sides but a quilt or bedspread could hide that. As long as the bed was fairly wide to start with, the proportions should look ok.

      You could also watch for antique and vintage doll beds on Ebay - some may be big enough.

    5. I know there is a Tolly Girl canopy bed with a drawer in the bottom ( was sold @ walmart ) & Our generations futon (battat @ target) both brands are made for the American girl clones. So they should fit a mini or two lying next to each other. I have both of these, I haven't actually taken either out of their package yet, but they should be available on ebay.
    6. The Victorian Style bed linked in the OP's post looks like the Disney Princess one that was out a couple years ago, only the bedding and canopy are changed. (The princess one had the princess' on the bedding and a sheer canopy)

      I have the Princess bed, but no room to have it set up. :sweat
    7. Pier one imports also has some MSD style furniture, lime chairs and couches
    8. I'm considering getting one of those newborn photography bed props for a MSD bed. I would have never known they make bed props for newborn babies if not for Etsy listings...oh my. Some are $$$ because they have to look perfect for the photoshoot but the expensive ones usually include luxurious bedding. There were also some unfinished ones for the more crafty. Unfinished ones ran for around $30 and the finished fancy ones were around $60+ and some were in the $200s! It's worth checking out for a more elegant bed option. Just run a search for "newborn bed prop"