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MSD versus SD?

Jul 4, 2008

    1. Okay, so I'm turning eighteen in September and finally, after months of extended drooling, I have a chance to bring home a BJD!

      The only problem is, I'm still torn over which size to go for. I love the idea of a big doll, and that was part of my initial attraction to the dolls. For a time I was even looking at a Ha-Yarn Cho despite the extra saving the price tag would entail (although I ended up being put off by the discrepancy between head-size and body-size).

      But the attraction to SD-sized dolls stops there for the most part. I love many of the MSD face-sculpts far more than a lot of SD ones. I particularly like TinyFairy Emilie and Iplehouse Tania- sweet, childish, realistic dolls with a slight smile- and just know that if I ordered Emilie I'd get Tommy's head and a girl body later, as a twin. Also, there is the price-- not an overruling factor, but still something in an MSD's favour. I could spend less on the doll and more on clothes, shoes and wigs- bonding things- without compromising quality and durability. And I wouldn't be afraid to touch her and play with her and have fun.

      I'm just terrified of not loving whoever I end up with as much if she's smaller than I'd hoped, really (though I'm only 5'1" myself; would this make that much of a difference?). It would be nearly impossible for me to sell her on in the worst case scenario (not familiar with selling on eBay, no access to Marketplace yet). And I could start with an MSD and then get an SD, but if I did that, would the MSD not seem even smaller and therefore appeal less?

      TL;DR: Am worried an MSD will seem very small as I really like the idea of a big doll, but otherwise prefer MSD. Am 5'1". Advice, please? <3

    2. What a lot of people do is get an SD first, then an MSD, because it's easier to get used to a smaller doll than a larger one. But it's you're doll, so you have to do what feels right in your gut. I have all SDs right now, but eventually I'm going for a tiny and two msds at least. Because I'm more used to lugging around big guys, I think the transition will be easier. But then again, it's also a lot easier to carry smaller dolls anyway. There's pros and cons to both, really.​
    3. My first doll is an MSD, and I love her size. As a beginner in the doll world, a smaller one is a lot easier for me to handle and care for. I've had her a little over two months, and I'm still playing around with her, getting used to posing her. And as far as space goes (I'm a college student so I move from home to the dorm a lot), it's easier to find her a place to sit.

      Really, it all depends on what you want. If you've found more sculpts in the MSD range you like more than in the SD, I'd go for the MSD. Why pay so much for a doll that you don't really like?

      To tell you the truth, I was afraid when I bought my Kaet that I wouldn't like her. I had seen pictures of her mold (Bobobie Elf Sprite) that just didn't appeal to me; most of the dolls her mold looked a little too...bug-eyed (she has fairly wide eyes). I wanted a doll with elf ears, and I didn't have a lot of money to spend on a doll (thanks to college bills and not having the time to get a job). But when I opened her package and put her in her clothes and wig, I immediately fell in love with her. She looked exactly like the character in my head.

      You just have to look around, research, and really get to know the character in your head, what he/she looks like, acts like, etc. I had been looking at these dolls for a year before I settled on one. Whatever you choose, I'm sure you'll fall in love.
    4. Thanks for the advice, both of you- and good luck on your tiny/MSDs, Catwalk :)

      I think I'm still leaning in favour of an MSD girl- it's a bit of a catch-22 really, and I'm going to have to sacrifice something I want. An SD-10 would be a good compromise, but there again, the face-sculpts haven't captured me >_<

      Definitely better to go with a doll who is smaller than I wanted than a big doll I 'don't really like'...? I have to admit, the idea of getting an SD later doesn't worry me in terms of adjusting to the size difference; only that I'll become less fond of my MSDs who would suddenly seem very small indeed. But maybe that won't be a problem if I have already bonded.

      I hope I do fall in love. Choosing the right girl to bring home seems almost a responsibility? I don't know, they feel more personal since they're made and painted by hand, by artists, and each is unique to some extent.
    5. When I got my MSD girl and saw her I was amazed ang love at first site...but I could not help think WOW she is big....o_o
    6. I think you should get the doll you really like (like emilie/tania as you said) no matter the size..

      I never had 1/3 before, but i always want one, there are 1/3 dolls i like, but seeing the price tag i got a bit scared away (like with faceup, wig already over USD600... and 1/4 size dolls can be more childish than 1/3.. 1/3 faces are always so adult.. arent they?

      Although i think 1/3 clothes are easier to find and more detail made..i still stick to my 1/4 Sarang (PS/ BF TF is <3) and can live without a 1/3
    7. I have had both SD size dolls and MSD. I ended up selling my SD because she was just too big for me. I also bought a couple of Yo SD's and sold them because they were just too small. Now I just have MSDs and I love them. Saying this, however, it really is up to personal preference. If I were you I would find a local meetup and go see the different dolls. I saw a Hound at one and realized there was no way I could see myself with that size doll (he is awesome though).

      If you buy the size and want to sell it, you will probably have access to the marketplace by then. Once you get your doll, you will have questions and easily make it to the number of posts required for the marketplace.

      Good Luck!
    8. I agree with EmilyPB. Find a meet up in your area. This is a good source to see other doll owners and see what you like and don't like. The first doll that I saw that I said I want that is a Yo-SD. But I enjoyed seeing what other people were doing with their dolls. Some of the people that came hadn't bought their dolls yet either. They were saving up. So don't be afraid to go to one if you don't have a doll to show off.
    9. I remember my first meet-up. I didn't have a doll, but I had ordered Kaet. The SDs are large, but they're not too much larger, unless you get a Hound (those buggers are huge! o_o). And just because an MSD is shorter than an SD, it doesn't make them any less mature. I think there's more variety in the MSD sculpts than the SD, they range from chubby faces to the slimmer faces of adults. Once again, it's whatever you choose.

      Considering how much money these dolls cost, it's better for you to go with a doll that truly captures your fancy. It's a hard choice indeed with so many different types of dolls out there to choose just one. I know I was torn between a few until I decided upon Kaet. I asked a lot of questions about her to some of my dollfie friends, and I believe I ended up with the best choice. She's my sweet little girl.
    10. as everyone has said already: go with the doll that you are most attracted to. you'll be far happier with your choice no matter the size of the doll.

      that being said...my first doll is a mnf. i got her because i fell in love with her sculpt and couldn't see myself getting any other msd or sd sized dolls that i liked at that time. only a few months after i got her, i ended up getting an sd. i don't feel that i've lost interest or have less love for my mnf since getting my sd. to answer your question about an msd sized doll feeling smaller once you also get an sd: yes, they do seem smaller and lighter. i found it weird at first and still do at times, but it's not a negative.

      also, i'm only a few inches taller than you and find that either size is quite manageable. if you're looking at getting one of the 70+cm dolls, though, then it might be a little harder to handle. all in all, i'd suggest again in going with the doll that you like the best as you'll be much happier. :)
    11. Just a quick post before i go to bed to say thanks to everyone for being so friendly and helpful. This really is a great community!

      Also, I really think I will go for MSD-size girls. The more I look at them and muse on it, the more I become convinced. LittleP- I totally agree with you, and I find it a bit frustrting that there aren't any really childish 60cm girls out there. And I bet your Sarang is gorgeous; she has such a sweet face on the promo photos! After a LOT of staring, I think I will go with Emilie and a girl-Tommy as twins. They're just too beautiful.

      The Noella Twin Fullset was one of the biggest exceptions to the unwritten size = age rule that I saw, but that's discontinued and I'm not sure... the Noella Basic photos I've just seen don't seem to have the same spark. Different faceup? I know that shouldn't stop me, but I'd rather have a girl I could fall for right off the bat than have to live with a faceup I wasn't wild about before I got good enough to let myself loose on a $600 doll.

      It's definitely reassuring to hear of so many people being happy with their MSDs! I'd love to go to a meet and see everybody's gorgeous dolls; maybe I'll look into it. ^^;
    12. Well personally I love my MSDs and I wouldn't own a doll that's bigger. Often though I look at the gorgeous manly SD sculpts and the incredible fashions available for SD sized dolls and I'm jealous. But then I love how my MSDs are so portable, and their small bodies make them more posable too. It's easier to find props and commercial made clothing for MSDs. I like mature MSDs which really narrow my selection.

      Where do you live? maybe you can make it to a meet up and see dolls in real life. the SD size might be hard to imagine, but you might find MSDs too limiting.

      Emilie and Tommy are really adorable sculpts. if they're the ones who are calling you, I suggest you go for it! it should be easy to find accessories because they can share with a lot of other dolls.

      Personally i LOVE Noella. if you're not in love with her face up, consider getting her blank and commissioning someone else to do it. I don't have default or company face ups on any of my dolls and I love how they're OOAK in that respect.
    13. Originally I wanted an SD-sized girl. But the dolls I liked best always had something about them I wasn't quite sure of- the way they looked from a particular angle or a feature I didn't like 100%. I kept looking around and ended up totally falling for an MSD-sized doll and bought her, and she's great. I'm still thinking about an SD-sized doll (amusingly enough, the one I wanted at first but wasn't sure of- I've seen one with an absolutely beautiful faceup that I wish I could buy!) but I'm very happy with my mini. I also have a Yo-sized tiny. In all cases, I really like their face sculpts, and with both of the dolls I own I thought I'd like another size better but when they showed up they were both just so wonderful! So I think unless it's a really odd size you'll have a tough time finding clothes/shoes/wigs for and that really bothers you, buy the sculpt you like most and worry less about size. :)
    14. I, personally, prefer MSD, and think that there is an equal number of people who choose MSD-sized first as there are those who choose SD-sized. I like SD and all, but they're much larger than MSD and I think that, as a starting doll, they might have overwhelmed me (even if I hadn't already fallen in love with the MSD size XD). They're more portable than SD and I just like their look overall. Price factors in for me too, seeing as SDs are usually two or three hundred dolls more expensive than SDs. I think eventually I'll be getting an SD (have a gift head on the way that would require it XD) but I started with an MSD and personally think that that is a good size to go for. ^^ I agree with skewlie on this: the sculpt is what's important, more so than size. If you really love Emilie or Tania, buy one of them. You may find that size really isn't an issue. I'm not sure that your height will honestly factor in to how much you love a doll. My friend is 5' 2"?-- something like that, and as far as I know she likes MSDs more than SDs (although she has yet to buy any dolls of her own).

      Edit: Read your last post, Freija. Congrats on making a decision! I can't wait to see them! :)
    15. oh by the way, i'm 5' 1" also, but I don't think that makes any difference.
    16. I have all sizes from SD13 boys down to tiny Pukipukis; the msd sized dolls are the easiest to connect with in my oppinion. They are big enough to have a presence and feel sturdy but not so heavy that they are a burden to lug around. They are easy to manipulate, easy to dress, and since they are close to American Girl height, there is LOTS of furniture and STUFF available that works for them. (AG clothes and shoes are a bust however:( ) If I could only keep ONE doll, it would be my Unoa Sist: she fits so well into my hands. But I could never get rid of the big ones; it's just that the relationship is less hands-on.
    17. I mostly looked at SD sizes for years before I finally bought one, and resisted them for years too. :sweat What finally pushed me into buying a doll was my roommate showing me one on JunkySpot that I just fell in love with immediately, and he was an MSD. I did worry about him being too small before he arrived, especially when she got her SD first and I saw his size, but I really do love mine, and being smaller, it's so much easier to handle him and find a place to put him. (And now I have two more MSDs on their way too!)
    18. Sspearls - I live in Kent, UK. The nearest meets seem to be London, so maybe I'll tag along on the August meet? Only problem is the fact that it's £20 for the travelcard alone-- but I do have a while to get the money together.

      Skwerlie - I know exactly what you mean. A couple of SD-girls have looked devastatingly gorgeous in their promo pics, but not their actual owner pics, or have grabbed my heart with half their promo pics and then promptly lost it again when photographed from a slightly different angle. I just feel that, for me, the larger girls seem to be *missing* something which MSD girls aren't. :/

      genie - that's really reassuring! I think that's what worries me most, not having held either type; the lack of solid bulk on my lap or in my arms if I want to cuddle her. I don't want to end up having that much spent on a girl who, while gorgeous in other respects, feels... insubstantial. (it's also why (I asked about my height; I was wondering if me being reasonably small would make her feel larger at all XD)

      Again- thankyou everyone! You really are all so helpful. ^^; I'll be sure to post photographs.
    19. Sanyu is an MSD and I am actually really happy with her size. I don't have a lot of space in my house, but she's small enough to sit next to me on the couch. After seeing SD sized dolls at a meet... I'm not sure I want one. They just seem far too large. Sanyu is already difficult to carry around while I have other stuff to carry... I can't imagine what trying to carry a SD would be like. Also, I cuddle with Sanyu just fine. I'm 5'4". I am in love with her size.

      But that's just me. It's all a matter of personal preference. I'm sure that SDs are easier to sew for and give face-ups. I wouldn't KNOW for sure, but I figure the larger scale helps.

      When you see that doll that just calls to you... that you KNOW you want... it won't matter what size it is. Pick your first doll based on what draws you most, not it's size.