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MSD vs. Others?

Dec 13, 2007

  1. Yes, I like MSD the most

  2. No, I like bigger dolls more

  3. No I like smaller dolls more

  4. I don't really notice that kind of difference. I find them the same.

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    1. Do you prefer MSD sized dolls over the other sizes?
      I'm not talking about looks, but just the size.
      I find that I like MSDs ALOT better, because I find them the perfect cuddling size. I find SD nice, but a little too big for cuddling, and yo-sd and other smaller dolls to be much too small.
      I like how MSDs are a little bit more portable, and I find them less awkward to carry around.
      So, do you thing the MSD size is more convenient, attractive, or practical more than others?
    2. Your poll is in Mini Discussion so I think the results will be heavily slanted towards minis!

      And just BTW - MSD is often used to refer to Volks Mini Super Dollfie and other immature minis. I think Mini is a better generic term covering both mature and immature 1/4 BJD's.

    3. I think MSD doesn't really mean the immature types; I've always taken it to mean MSD-sized. XD But, ymmv.

      I love MSD sized dolls though! They're just the perfect size. :D Although tinies are adorable too, and I miiight get an SD eventually, MSD is just my favorite.
    4. yeah, the minis are perfect ^^
      I thought about buying a SD as a big bro for my MSD, but for me they seem too big.. Never seen a SD live but more than half a metre is definitely too big to sit in front of me on my desk XD
      the only fact I like about SDs is that working on them is easier
    5. I love the MSD size! I have to admit that I got my first MSD partly because of the lower price, and then started craving after an SD. I thought I'd migrate towards the SD-size and forget about MSDs. Then my SD arrived, I was thrilled at first, but it only took me a few weeks to find out she was way too big for me! So I ended up selling my SD, and ordered my second MSD, a Narae.

      I have now sold my first MSD because my tastes in dolls have changed towards the more mature and slim, and I'm actually craving after a tiny, a 30cm Mini Gem Aren! So, I'm just moving further away from the SDs I thought were 'my thing'.

      MSDs, IMHO, are easier to carry, to pose and to make clothes/sets for. They're just the perfect size for me! :)
    6. I thought I'd be 50/50 with my dolls in terms of sizes, but I have completely fallen in love with MSD size. I have four MSDs right now and my friends have primarily SDs and I find them to big too big. They're HEAVY to carry around, and I find them more awkward to pose. My little kids, however, are easy to cart around and very poseable. :)

      Of course my posing problems with SDs could be simply because they're not mine and I'm not familiar with how they move. :)

      I just wish there were more amazingly cute clothes for MSDs. All the stuff I love seems to be for SD girls.
    7. MSD is a really good size. :) That was the size of my first doll and I loved it. For a while I had only an SD, but after finally getting another MSD recently, I'm just feeling like, "They are so cute! And easier to carry around!!" Ahahahahaha....

      I guess since they are often (but not always) younger than SD, they are more "charming". There's something appealing about them since they aren't grown up but are past the extreme cuteness of tinies.

      So yeah, I love them a lot, but I still love other size dolls too. They all have their good points. :)
    8. I think MSDs are a great size and perfect as a starting doll!(My first was a MSD and shes the only one of that size I own. I do own all other sized dolls.)
    9. size scale is very important to me, and since i've started with minis i'm going to continue with them. That being said, I was watching a movie this afternoon and I perched Hayworth on my knee and I loved it! the bigger dolls are great too, but i'm sticking with minis.
    10. I don't have the space for bigger dolls or the pocket book! I will definitely stick with minis!:aheartbea
    11. I only have a mini and a tiny- and they're sort of in scale with one another (the tiny is a Bambicrony, which is roughly Yo-SD sized), all of my friends who have dolls only have minis and a couple of the very small tinies (pocketfairy and smaller XD), so I've never even seen a full size/SD size doll. ^^; I do think I'd like the big size, but the mini size is very... handy. XD She's easy to carry around or plop on my knee or next to my computer, etc. I've heard a lot about how the larger dolls are so heavy, how they're hard to carry around or travel with, etc... and this even from people who own and love them! ^^;

      I didn't buy a mini because I wanted a smaller size or because she was cheaper, but because I was just really in love with the Blue Fairy dolls and they don't make larger sizes. The SD-sized doll that I loved the most came in 3 versions (open-eyed, half-open, and sleeping) and I was torn between the open and half-open eyed versions and couldn't pick one over the other. So I ended up buying a different doll I loved, who happened to be a mini, and I've been really happy with her. I just wish there were as many great clothes, shoes, wigs, etc. for minis! D : Though of course my tiny is even harder to shop for. XD
    12. Yeah, The MSD is the size I seem to like most. PLUS SD Cute is very close so much is interchangeble. umm, Cloths wise anyway.
    13. I like MSD and smaller but i lean more towards tinies. I have an AF Lilly but i also have a Baha and OD So-ji. I like my So because i can put her in my purse and my Baha because she's nice to cuddle in my hands. Sadako's happy being the babysitter.
    14. MSD-size is actually a lot more practical than bigger sizes, I end up bringing my smaller dolls with me to a lot more places than the bigger dolls, just because my MSD:s easily fits into my handbag :)

      So automatically I end up spendning more time with my minis, because they're with me all the time.
    15. For doing photoshoots I prefer the SD size dolls because the detail shows up better and I find they are easier to pose. But in generall I like the MSD size better because they are lighter and don't take up as much room. I haul my dolls around a lot for photoshoots and the SD dolls, esp. the resin ones (because I also have Obitsu 60s) get really, really heavy after a while. I love my SD dolls but if I were to start all over again I would just stick with MSD size dolls. They are also easier to find props for that fit them, like beds, chairs, horses, etc.
    16. While I started with an SD (and my current order is for a Unireal), I love my little MSD, She's so precious and cute :) I definately have plans to get another MSD eventually (a Kid Delf Hodoo one day maybe)
    17. I also prefer the MSD size. They are perfect to cuddle with, easier to take with you.. and well.. I'm a small person.. I cant hold an SD in my arms without it toppeling over DDDD8

      I do want an SD though. But I doubt I'll be as active with him as I am with my MSD.
    18. I think that MSD sizes are a lot more practical.
      They are also in the middle of SD's and tiny's.
      They seem to be the most realistic to me, as well.

      :3 In my opinion, I'll stick to MSD.
    19. I don't have any dolls yet, and I've seen some really gorgeous SD size dolls in the gallery, but the MSD size really appeals to me. I think the detail capable on the SD size dolls is incredible but they really do take up more room.
    20. I like the SD and msd about the same, but I find I am sewing more the MSD ones..though that's going to change. I only have 1 tiny now..and that's fine with me. I have one smaller msd, a BC Lottie, and I like her too..she is a nice size.
      for me it depends on the doll, not its size..