MSD wigs and shoes

Dec 6, 2016

    1. So i've been shopping around for Kaija and i came across something....There's not that many places that have a lot of 1/4th sized shoes/wigs....Like legend doll mainly has the wool/faux fur wigs and i know Luts KDF wigs/shoes don't always fit the 1/4th dolls that aren't from Luts...So i'm either not looking hard enough or there just isn't a very large option for them.
    2. You should try eBay - just put in BJD wigs (or shoes) 1/4 size. There are lots. Blueblooddoll2008 is in California and they ship in approximately 3 days - feree shipping - and they quite a few nice wigs and shoes. There are other great stores also. Good luck!
    3. Typical wig size for MSD is 7-8" if that helps you broaden your search.
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    4. Search on etsy and ebay :) and alice collection
    5. Etsy has tons of things, but it does require some digging. Wigs are no problem, but some of the shoes on Etsy might be too big or too small. Make sure you know how long your doll's foot is, and shoot for a shoe with an inner length that is equal to or slightly greater than the length of the doll's foot.
    6. For My Doll has lots of wigs that fit. Standard MSD wigs are 7/8 but a lot of Minifees are 6/7. If wigs are loose you can get a wig cap from many Etsy sellers or Denver Doll. Shoes are tricky, I usually look on Etsy and see if the item details say how many cm the inside of the shoes is. Most MSD shoes are based on Volks MSD and are about 5.5cm-6cm. Minifees and some other MSDs have around 5cm feet. Usually even if a 5.5 is a little big it means flat feet fit into low heels and can be hidden by stockings. Boots usually don't end up looking weird if a little too big.
    7. I have the biggest struggle finding shoes for a Dollmore Kid Boy doll, MSD 1/4. His feet are 6cm but all shoes they offer are 6.5 or even 7cm! on the inner part. They look so big! Anyone else has this problem? I tried AliExpress because they say the shoes are 6.2cm but the review pictures show that they are still too big. :(
    8. You do need some extra length, especially if the shoe has a narrow toe box, so 6.5cm on the inner length should fit. Have you looked at any of the shops on Etsy? They're a treasure trove for all kinds of things for BJD. The only problem is in not getting distracted by all the super cool stuff they have in wigs and accessories, etc. There is more stuff for girls than boys, so be prepared to look through lots of shoes before you find what you want.
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    9. Thank you so much for sharing your tips with me. :aheartbea
      It can get pretty confusing shopping for my first doll ever. :3nodding:
      I got him these on Etsy, but now I think they might be too small. They are 6cm, just like his feet.
      Suitable for VOLKS MSD/MDD or other similar sizes.

      Sneakers *1 pair (Inner length 6CM)
    10. You're right. Same size as the doll's feet will be too small. I don't imagine this will be your only doll purchase ever, so if you've already ordered keep the shoes for the next guy--or girl--who might have slightly smaller feet, like 5.5cm. Who knows? Maybe some day you'll buy a MiniFee. These shoes should be a perfect fit.
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    11. Awww shoot, oh well. :)
      He surely won't be my last! I might even make him a hybrid if the shoes keep annoying me, lol ;) Or he will have to pose with bare feet. :XD:
    12. Honestly wigs and shoes are a lot of trial and error, shoes are actually maybe a little better, but with wigs, you just never really know until you get it and try it on the doll to see the look XD
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    13. I might get them from Dollmore as well then. They do have multiple colours, thank goodness. Thanks for the tip. :whee:
    14. When it comes to wigs, I have the best luck with wigs that have a stretchy base, like those from Monique Trading. You'd expect hard-cap wigs sold by the company that makes the doll to fit, but occasionally they don't. As @asatou says, you won't know until you try it on the doll. This is why so many of us accumulate wigs. Over the years I have acquired a horde of wigs in nearly every size and yet I still need to buy wigs. Dolls are unbelievably fussy. Some reject every style and color you try on them. The head size may match the wig size, but the shape of the head or the placement of features on the face may make a wig unwearable. If you're very brave, scissors may be the answer to some problems, but keep in mind that wig hair doesn't grow back once it's cut.
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    15. @vermont chick

      I see what you mean. When the wig is off it will change the whole appearance of your BJD. :S
      Even on the Dollmore site itself when the exact sculpt is wearing the wig I ordered on different modeling photos it looks different from shot to shot. Ugh, I am very picky about those things so I'm definitely going to teach myself how to style wigs, cut them, model them etc. Or try different ones like you said.
      I really hope I will be lucky with the wig they send with him and it will look good on him right away.
    16. @Salem_85 - Well, the blue wig looks totally adorable on him so if they send that one you're in luck. Just the same, always read the fine print in the wig or doll description to see if the wig has been specially styled for the photos. If so, that means you'll have to figure out how to style it to get the same look for your doll.
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    17. I've had the same issues with shoes. A lot of what I've found end up looking like clown shoes because they're so big.