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Msdoll - - 03 head Final sale

Sep 22, 2008

    1. [​IMG]


      Hi all!

      Msdoll is selling #03head until at the end of Sep.
      And this is the final sale of him.
      Do not miss this time if you have wanted him.
      For more information, please visit

      If any problem, please send me a private message at DOA.

      Thanks for loving #03.
    2. hi ^^

      i'm very confused. I looked at all of your site but cannot figure out how to order a doll or what size this doll is.. I can't seem to find any information about any of your dolls.

      Also, is Pan still for sale? Please let me know. Thank you.
    3. Sorry dear.
      Now you visit my homepage again then you will find it soon.
      Pan will show out with normal ears soon, not available right now.
    4. The web page is working just fine for me. :? Once the splash page loads just click anywhere on the msdoll purple text in the entire upper left corner of the page and then the index will appear. :)
    5. Hi, is it possible to order with makeup?
    6. Sillypeach > no, the notice on the site says you can't order a make-up.
      Sometimes make-uped heads are sold directly on Yahoo!Japan.
    7. If anyone can't get the page to load and just gets a blank page, try just clicking on the blank page. I did that and it took me to the next page with pictures of the MS No. 3. I think some browsers might not handle the "splash" page properly.