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Msdoll Ganymede

Dec 5, 2009

    1. uhh...your site doesn't seem to work :sweat
    2. It works just fine for me. It plays music though. Turn down your speakers.

      I can't figure out any sort of pricing and stats on this guy. Where's it listed?
    3. I can't get the site to work either. I'm on a macbook using firefox, if that makes any difference. I can't find any written information or prices, etc., and the pix don't want to fully download. Beautiful dolls- I'd love to find out more about them.
    4. i had to right click open in new tab on doll sale to get that to open. then that page works normally....I can't get the order board page to show up though. (safari on a macbook)

      http://msdoll.com/bbs/zboard.php?id=gany this is the page with more images
    5. I don't think the site is firefox friendly. I've always had luck with aol and internet explorer.
    6. I can't get it to open correctly on either Firefox or Safari. Can someone who can access the page please tell us size, price, etc? Thanks!
    7. I am on firefox and everything is working just find for me.
    8. Are you on a mac or pc? Because I just tried again and it still won't work for me. I'm on a macbook. So again- is this a 60 cm or MSD, and is there a price for the full doll anywhere? Thanks!
    9. The Msdoll's site has little useful information--I could not find doll size or measurements anywhere. There is only one picture of the head and a bare chest. That's it.

      A request I'm sure other people will appreciate: Whomever has access to the site, please send an email note advising it that people are having problems.

      Just a friendly reminder, this is the News Forum so if you have connection problems, it would be best to contact the seller if you have questions. Thanks.
    10. Here are the details from the order board:

      2009/12/01 pm.8:12, Tuesday

      for more photos, click below


      order item - Ganymede head
      head cir - 23cm
      eyes - 14~16mm
      skin color - Pure Normal/ Pure White
      body fit - Ms Gay body, Volks 13 boy's
      Price - ??
      shipping date will be within ?? days

      shipping cost - add extra fee
      A zone- $?? (U.S.A , SPAIN, UK, France, Australia etc)
      B zone- $?? (China, Hongkong, Japan etc)

      Prices are not filled in yet. :sweat
    11. So this is for head only? They do not make bodies as well? Can anyone tell that? Thanks!
    12. cirquemom > Yes they are selling a body, but only male:

      Price for Ganymede's head is not online yet.
    13. [​IMG]

      Hi everyone!
      I open the order board from now on for Ganymede.
      You will be very surprised to see all information.
      Lowest price ever for the Christmas in 2009.

      Sale period - 12th, Dec~31st, Dec,2009
      ** This is a period limited mold.
      After the sale ends, it will not be available anymore.

      head cir - 23cm
      eyes - 14~16mm
      skin color - Pure Normal/ Pure White
      body fit - Ms Gay body, Volks 13 boy's
      Price - $98

      For more questions, Please feel free to leave your message.
      Thanks for looking.