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MSDoll Ganymede

Dec 12, 2009

    1. News Post here

      I think he is gorgeous, although I'll probably turn mine into a girl. :fangirl:
    2. Another lovely head from Msdoll! <3 I agree, I would make Ganymede into a female, too. But having just got my D'myon, I can't possibly take in another resin kid. :( Ah well.

      Is anyone interested in getting one? I wanna see owners pictures!

      Edit: I eat my words; look at the ones with the more boy-ish face-ups. (Sorry for hot-linking earlier! )

      Is it just me, or does he kinda resemble DM's Pado? *A* So cute... Must resist, must resist...
    3. He's so lovely! He does look like pado! :aheartbea
    4. Argh, just when I said no more dolls. It's an SD sized Pado, but cuter. This is the first time I have liked a resting eyes doll @_@ Although I'm thinking girl.
    5. I think he is gorgeous -- and on sale!
      I also like the #5 head and Sujan -- but where do you order those? HELP!
      Any opinions on their Gay Body?
    6. A request to anyone reading this...

      if you have successfully navigated Msdoll's webpage (in English), can you share your secrets? I've clicked everything possible but cannot find instructions how to order a head.

      I assume a person must be a member, but I can't find where/how to do that either. Yes, I'm lost...

      In advance, thanks for any help you all share! :candycane
    7. Snowleopard, just click "order" in the top menu, this will take you to the order board. There they have a post titled "ORDER FORM / PAYMENT METHOD" with instructions on how to order.

      I've copied and pastet it below. :)

      (For those people who have trouble navigating/scrolling the website if you happen to have a mouse with scroll wheel, click on the scroll wheel button while your cursor is positioned inside the inner frame of her website to activate that move-scroll modus. With this modus activated move your cursor downwards that way you will be able to scroll to the bottom of the pages. Just turning the scroll wheel won't work!)


      Order form:

      Order item;
      Skin color; normal / white

      Your name;
      Your telephone number;
      Your address(included postal code);
      Your email;
      Paypal ID;

      * Not included face up, wig, dress and etc.
      * face up commission is not available.

      Shipping costs

      *** Shipping cost is separated ***
      Please add extra EMS fee to anywhere.

      For head only----
      A zone- $22 (U.S.A , SPAIN, UK, Australia etc)
      B zone- $14(China, Hongkong, Japan etc)

      For body or body+head-----
      A zone- $50 (U.S.A , SPAIN, UK, Australia etc)
      B zone- $30 (China, Hongkong, Japan etc)

      If you have any problem, please email me
    8. Sharkyra: Thanks very much for your reply.

      I am able to scroll up and down, but the black background is all that is visible. No text. But you copying text was the biggest help as it answers my question that the faceup is not available.

      Thanks again!
    9. It would have been easier for int'l customers if they had gone by Ndoll. That's how I'd got D'myon. If I have money left after attending the local Doll Affair, I guess I'll be getting one, too. (>___<)

      Snowleopard: I doubt you've got to be a member to order. Just do as Sharkyra said, and click on the '+write' at the bottom of the page to create a new order by using the template.

      By the way, the Ganymede in the above pictures, does anyone know if that's the Pure White resin? Which other companies' resin does MSDoll white resin match? I've had my NS Laurie on a Domuya NS D1-60 and the match isn't too far off. Just had the head blushed to match. :)
    10. I'm awfully tempted by this head but if I get it, it would be to replace another doll's current shell AGAIN. Do I replace my K-Doll Kael? Do I leave her as is? It's difficult to decide but if I did she and her brother would have heads from the same company. What to do? *_*
    11. Are you using IE or another browser to see the site? The site's been made so that it looks best in IE, and I know when I try to look at it on Firefox I get the problem you're having.
    12. I couldn't get it to work on my Mac browsers either, I had to use someone else's computer to use IE, then I saw all the text and it made more sense. I placed an order this morning and sent the paypal payment. I hope everything works out; I'll check tomorrow for a reply to my order thread. There is an email listed there too for questions, so it might be possible to order that way.

      For $120 (inclusive of the EMS), I just couldn't say no. lol It will fit a body sometime in the future, I'm sure of that. :) It's nice that the faceup artists are listed there too.
    13. Oh boy. MSdoll's heads always get me. Just placed my order.

      And just cause most people seem to be having problems with the site - images and links only half load for me in Firefox and Chrome. I have no problems with IE though.
    14. ooh, I think I'd like the two heads being from the same company. But if you're really happy with her, ignore me!! :lol:
    15. Mine has arrived ... but at my home in Australia.. hehe I have to wait until Thursday to see her. I'm so excited!! :)
    16. So, I noticed it was asked earlier already but I can't get anywhere
      on their site....I only have their lovely banner and a black screen.
      I seem to be interested suddenly in all these dolls that are seemingly
      impossible to get!!
    17. It only works on Internet Explorer as far as I know Lula :( I had to use another computer! lol
    18. Ahh OK thanks Rosella!! Yeah I only have Safari...
      right now one of the pages is loading for me at least
      so I can see more pictures.
    19. I got my WS head! What I'm seeing in her face really reminds me of a realistic version of Volks Liz, a doll I've always admired but couldn't make work in my crew. It's a very pretty face.

      It is a perfect color match to my WS Dollfie Dream body - like 100% match. Too bad the head is too big to look good on it. Still deciding if I can make it work but I'm leaning towards no. I guess Maeve could have a third brother I didn't know about. It's definitely a keeper. :aheartbea
    20. I am so enchanted with my Ganymede. I finally found the perfect male body for him too, Iplehouse model body NS matches perfectly, and makes him look like the sexy man I wanted him to be. Sure, he's still got a lot of boy in his face, but I wanted him to embody Ganymede from the Greek legends. He's lovely and perfect, and I'm so happy I got him.