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MSDOLL has a great event!!!!

Jul 18, 2007

    1. Hi all~

      The 2nd event is being held on MSDOLL.COM until 5th August.


      Please make a photo-story which must appear msdoll/koodoll head.
      No matter the other dolls act on it too but you should be the owner of Msdoll/Koodoll.
      Also just one shot story is fine as you might upload only 2 files at there.
      It is easy to be the winner!!

      There are 10 awards.
      The last stock MaLy head, New TeLy heads, Ms no.1 sleeping boy, really fine junk heads and etc......

      Everything included shipping fee is all free!!!
      Let's have a fun together.

      No more 2 stories please!!!:sweat

      This event starts from now on and finish on 5th August, 2007.

      Please do not put this thread into any msdoll's.
      Thank you!!!!
    2. Please hurry up!!
      It's going to finish soon.