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MsDoll No. 1 Drayton and Drayton 2nd Discussion

Jun 21, 2007

    1. I love the mouths on all of your dolls, they are very expressively sculpted :)
    2. My goodness!!!

      I would LOVE more than anything to buy him, or any of the other dolls you have on your site. They are simply breath taking!

      If you ever start taking orders for them, please, put me on the list!
    3. He's ever so beautiful; I love your doll's faces. :)

      Edit; Yay, I thought my comment had been deleted! I think have might have posted this vaguely discussiony comment in the news thread....but Yay! Because I wanted the artist to know how much I like their work. :)
    4. He is GORGEOUS! I am very much looking forward to his release. He is just incredible.
    5. But *___* He's amazing!!!!
    6. I'm wondering why all replies disappeared under this thread?.
    7. Because this is the news board, if you would like to see what people think of your new boy you would need to start a discussion thread on the large doll subforum. :)
    8. Oh thanks a lot!!
      but no idea how to move it........
    9. What a beautiful boy. I love his nose, big noses are love :D
    10. Yay, another one! I love seeing all of your different sculpts, and entertaining the idea of getting another one :>
    11. Oh dear, i can NOT resist this boy! >____< He is GORGEOUS!!! His little nose reminds me abit of Volks F16//Chris...and white skin will be avaliable?!! *must have*
    12. Ahhh beautiful! I really love his lips and the defined eyelids most...!
      I really want to buy him, he will be my most wanted sleeping head haha <3
    13. He is STUNNING. What a beautiful creature!
    14. I have two of your Koodoll heads. The girl Sujan and the boy Blue. I LOVE them BOTH. And your new sleep head is so beautiful. I would love it in the white skin . . . must go to your website. :D

      Congratulations!! :fangirl:
    15. roar!!!
      MUST GET HIM!!!

      He is so beautiful!
      When are going to you start selling the head? (And where?^^;)
      Can't wait!
    16. WANTYWANTY Eeeeee : x
    17. I love him, he's beautiful. I think I'm going to have to figure out how to bring him home! I'm very interested in Full Choice white!!!:D
    18. He's absolutely amazing! I will definitely be buying him.
    19. Oh my. So lovely!