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MsDoll Pan - finally available again!

Oct 1, 2009

    1. When I first discovered BJDs, my eyes fell on a lovely doll with elf ears. It was a tiny called Pan from MsDoll, but it was already sold out. So when I discovered that www.ndoll.com sells them again, I was doomed :). I just had to order a little one in white skin with elf ears. Anyone else who loves this little cutie => http://www.ndoll.net/skin/shop.php?PG=view&uid=3059? She's also available with human ears (who comes with cat & bunny ears) => http://www.ndoll.net/skin/shop.php?PG=view&uid=3504.
    2. I love that you have so many faceup choices! Gives a bit of variety and gives her so many different expressions!

      (or him lol)
    3. I have also been waiting and waiting for her to be available again. I got the Pan Elf when she was first available from Olleaf and she's so beautiful! NOW I have wanted the little freckled faced girl forever and finally I will be able to order her!!!

      I want the little elf girl to meet her human counterpart.
    4. Lana - I'd love to see pics of the two together when you get the little freckled cutie! Could you have some pics of your elf girl, please *puppy eyes*.
    5. Her arrival photos are HERE!
    6. Hi Lana,

      Can I ask about her posability?

      And. I'm guessing that since you are ordering another, you have no problem with her quality in any way?

      Sorry for all the questions but I'm very tempted by this little one and just want to do a little due diligence first. :)

    7. Hi Jen,

      I got her through Olleaf but I'm guessing they will be the same. Her resin is a nice color and she doesn't seem to have any yellowing or discoloration and I've had her for over a year now. Her hand left hand tends to like to pop into the joint slot so it looks like her fist is curled in, but I haven't tried hot glue sueding or wiring her which may help that. She stood nicely balanced right out of the box and isn't kicky. She does have a problem sitting upright without support but that is pretty common it seems but she does sit with her legs "splayed" in front of her like little kids often do. I think she's a very nice little doll and super cute, which is why I've been wanting to get her human version. The faceup on her was really beautiful.
    8. Awesome, Lana!

      Thanks for the info! :)
    9. Oops, I just posted on the box openin thread of this beauty. I am so impressed with her packaging. She really is a heart stopper. Kim
    10. Kim that was from Olleaf. I haven't received a doll from Ndoll yet, so don't know if she is packaged the same from them.
    11. This doll is so pretty!!! I also like the fact that you get so many choices for her/him. She would look GREAT sitting on my desk, helping me do my school work. :)
    12. Arghh I hate you ndoll for doing this to me.:sweat

      I already have a Pan bought through ndoll early this year (box opening thread HERE) but about a month after I got her, I suddenly became obsessed with fantasy dolls and now don't want ANY human dolls if I can avoid it.
      Well foolishly, back when I brought home my Luna I was of the mindset that surely a doll who always had elf ears would be limited, so I went with the human ears. OOPS.
      I LOVE my Luna, but I've spent the last few months just wishing she had the elf ears. I want her exactly as she is, just with elf ears.

      So I kept staring at ndolls site (they've actually been available all year with only certain versions selling out. Pan herself has never been sold out on ndoll's site, at least not on the Japanese site which I use) and being tempted to pick up an Elf eared girl in WS. (was looking at the little witchy girl with green hair)
      Then the grey version came out and I was like OOOH GREY VERSION WITH ELF EARS WOULD BE GOOD, but they don't have that option so SAFE.
      Then of course just this week they've given us the option to get elf ears of human ears in WS, NS or grey. ARGHHHH!

      As for things like posing, she's honestly not the best poser.
      She stands fine, but her legs always seem to look kind of unnatural and splayed outwards a little.
      She doesn't sit up well (she leans backwards) either.. but I love her all the same!

      Lana, I posted on your old box opening thread but I thought I'd mention here too!
      THAT DRESS IS TO DIE FOR! Was that the default dress the original Pan's through Olleaf came with?
      She is also boxed nowhere near as beautifully now! Just a normal box and pink pillow now.

      Anyway here's some more pictures for you all of an ndoll Pan!
      She was supposed to have a faceup that is no longer available with them, but I'm convinced they made a mistake and gave me the fairy of spring faceup (now called Faceup no.1)
      Ignore how dumb some of these pictures are! ::laughs::
      From oldest to newest!



    13. Midnitestar7, yes that was the default dress that she arrived from Olleaf with. It is very cute, and I need to take some pictures of her with her flower wig on. Your girl is beautiful too! I just love her eyes!

      An update on her sitting...I really paid attention to setting her knees in the slots correctly and also setting her hips in the slot and she sat upright on the edge of a table like a champ! So for my Olleaf Pan it was operator error.

      I do just love this little doll and I think she has the sweetest face. I hope there will be more Pan dolls being spammed her soon!
    14. Maybe that's my problem too? I'll have to have a play with her and see if I can get her to work!

      You've really got me hoping they'll release Pan with beautiful clothes like that again, but nDoll seems to be more focused on everyday human clothing over fancy fairy clothing.
      I wonder if those beautiful clothes were an Olleaf thing?
    15. I was surprised at how once I gave gentle pulls on her legs to make sure the slots were fully engaged that she sat up very nicely! Give yours a try too, to see if works.

      It may be that the outfit was Olleaf's part of that edition as they seem as much into special editions of clothing as dolls (or more so), though their clothes have become alot more "involved" than this little dress was. You can even still see her on their site, though she's been sold out for well over a year. I have to find someone to make her some little undies though...she has been going commando since I got her and that can be a problem for a little fairy that likes to climb trees :0)
    16. I always go back and drool over the Olleaf photos from time to time!
      To me, they're just so much nicer and sell the product better than the nDoll ones.
      I think nDoll are just promoting Pan to a different market, sadly for fairy obsessed me!!
    17. I've got one of those beauties on layaway.... still about 40% to pay and I want her so so so so so much!!!
      happy you guys! :)

      btw I chose elf NS girl :)
    18. Which face up are you getting on yours bupu?

      I wish I could put her on layaway, I'd get the gray skinned girl as well as the freckled one :0)
    19. I'm wondering about the grey Pan.. you can choose any faceup for her which is great but, will any of them actually look good on the grey skin?
      Seems like they should have provided alternate grey skin faceup pictures so we could see what other skin tones looked like.
      I'd definitely be tempted by a very sparkly strong vivid faceup on the grey Pan but, it's really hard to judge exactly what would look good!

      Not like I can afford her anyway!!!! ^_^;
    20. I'm buying her 2nd hand.
      without face-up unfortunately.

      but I love a few face-ups from ndoll - no. 2, 5 and 7.

      however according to midnitestar7 I do not think that all their face-ups are good for grey pan.
      this default shown on the site is oh-so-weird!
      too pink.
      and because of this Pan looks a bit tired or ill there.
      I think that face-ups from 2 to 5 would be better.
      less pinky :)