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Update Msdoll, Photo contest (pick the best up)

Mar 13, 2009

    1. [​IMG]


      Dear all~

      Many lovely photos entered the contest.
      I can't choose some of them for the prizes because they are all perfact and fantastic.

      Why don't you pick 3 photos up with your comments.
      Then I'll give you a present (a head) after the contest finishes.

      You can leave a comment 3times for each photos.
      It continues until 27th March, 2009.

      Thanks for your interesting.


      Prize list

      1. Elf Pan (not included eyes, wig, dress and etc)

      2. Ms #5 head (Blank)

      3,4. Ms #5 junk head (but almost fine)

      Of course shipping fee must be free.
      Just receive your prize at home.
    2. IS MS#5 new? Will he/she be available to purchase?
    3. Drayton 1st is not okay? T__T
    4. Should we send the picture by e-mail or post it on the board, please? ^^
      edit: seems it's on the board, OK another question: what is the max size allowed (in pixels?) for the image?
      (edit: I have a #2 but I hope the Drayton#1 will be allowed too. Want to see beautiful pics of both. ^^)
    5. Since the flag counter was added, I cannot get into the site. I have a Mac and I have tried Camino, Firefox and Safari.
    6. Thank you Ostrich, that page worked. I'm guessing that the blank space on that page is for the new doll that is supposed to be coming out soon? I wonder if all MSdolls are now going to be sold exclusively at nDoll?