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Msdoll - release 'Laurie'

Jun 19, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      Hi all ~
      Msdoll is releasing a new doll head called 'Laurie'

      She/he has a lot of faces as you can see at the photos.
      They are all same mold.

      Also, Gaybody is available now.

      For more information, please visit here


      I hope everybody loves Laurie.
      Thank you ~

      ----------Direct link---------------

      to get more information on Laurie and others,


      to see more Laurie's pictures,


      to order,


      to question,


      If you have any problem, please send me PM.
      I am very pleased if you give me any interesting.
      Hope they work.
      Have a nice weekend~~~
    2. Absolutly gorgeous doll, but the website doesn't show anything to me,
      just the banner and the index of the website, the rest is black XD

      What will be the price be for this head, and when can it be ordered?
      Thanks in advance.

    3. Id like to know how much the head costs, how much face up costs, and shipping cost.

      I tried to register myself on the website, but like Sabriell said, I only see parts of it and the rest is black >_<

      Oh and another question, is the head limited period order?
    4. I didn't need to register, but it took me a little while to figure out where to find the info. (Need to click on the words "Laurie on sale" and not on her picture.) Maybe you also need to use Explorer? Her pictures are here: http://msdoll.com/bbs/zboard.php?id=laurie

      From the site:
      1. order item - Laurie

      price - $138(for a blank head only)

      EMS shipping cost - add extra fee
      A zone- $12 (U.S.A , SPAIN, UK, France, Australia etc)
      B zone- $7(China, Hongkong, Japan etc)

      2. order item - Laurie+ Gay body

      skin color - Pure Normal/ Pure White
      Price - $398 ( a blank head + body)
      shipping date will be within 3~14days

      shipping cost - add extra fee
      A zone- $38 (U.S.A , SPAIN, UK, France, Australia etc)
      B zone- $12 (China, Hongkong, Japan etc)
    5. I have noticed that the site is NOT working with Firefox. You must use IE to see it properly.
      Laurie is a breathtaking sculpt, so beautiful!!!
      I'd like to know if she's compatible with other girl bodies than SD9. Are you planning to sell a girl body one day?
    6. autumnrain: thanks a lot for all info!
      right IE works a bit better.

      Still dlike to know if the head will be available for limited period only? Anyone has experience?

      SD9 body? What size is it?
    7. Azraelita, MSdoll is very friendly and easy to order from.

      There are some measurements listed along with the ordering information

      Beautiful new sculpt, and it's exciting to know she'll fit on the SD16 body.
    8. Macs don't use IE so I hope MsDoll adjusts the site to work on more browsers. The head is also available at nDoll- http://ndoll.net/skin/shop.php - which carries all MsDoll's dolls. For those who can't navigate the company site, you can get info there.
    9. I can't open it in Safari either, I just get the banner. Thank you for that link minuet, I am on a Mac.
    10. oo, thank you :)

      Any idea where to get the body too? The MS doll site frustrates me D: I can't even figure out how to order stuff
    11. Is there a measurement for neck size of Laurie please?
    12. Oh God!!!
      I didn't know we have so many problem with the site.
      Sorry about it.
      I'll edit this thread now to reach the board easily.
      If still you have problem, please send me PM.
    13. Could you tell what size eyes she/he is wearing in the pictures?
      I'm really interested in her but I don't know which size eyes to order for her ^_^

      Thanks in advance.

    14. She is wearing 14mm and 16mm. Thanks~

      Gay body without head is available at my homepage only.
      ndoll can't sell body only.
    15. I'm interested to know the neck circumference, or what other type of bodies can the Laurie sculpt be fitted atop besides Volks' and the Gay body?

    16. Since the head is smaller SD and the MSdoll normal matches Volks pure skin, I assume it also would fit on a Dollstown Soph Elf body in oriental skin. They have also the same head size. :)
    17. Yeah I knew that from the posts before this but I meant
      which size is she wearing in which photo ^_^
      Sorry for the confusion.

      Also, the head has no teeth right? Because there are
      photos of her that show teeth and some show closed lips.

    18. Yes, some pictures have an open mouth with teeth whilst other pics show a closed mouth...
    19. Farin>
      GREAT idea, thank you!! DT bodies are fantastic.

      Sabriell > The blank head dosn't seem to have teeth. I think the teeth we see are part of the make-up made by Poppymind.
    20. Thanks for the info! ^_^