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MSDs that are taller and thinner than most?

Jan 29, 2010

    1. I know the Rosette girls are quite tall and thin. Are there other tall/thin MSDs? I'm especially interested in any that would have a boy and a girl in similar proportion to each other.
    2. I'm not sure what counts as taller than most these days, but my Dollzone boy is insanely slender compared to my AoD and DoC. X_x
    3. I kinda meant to add Lati blue boys as being super tall and rather slender. They say they're 46cm, but my Iplehouse boy is 46cm and there is a picture in the gallery of the two next to eachother nakid, no shoes, and Lati blue was much taller! I'm guessing the real height is 48cm.
    4. I think DIM Boys are pretty slender too, and they're about the same height as Rosette girls.
    5. DragonDoll. Tall, elongated bodies are kind of their thing, but they are actually about the height of a regular MSD. Not too expensive, they offer both genders (with 2 bust sizes for the girls) and they pose great, too, but right now they are still pretty new, and only offer and handful of sculpts.

      Rosette girls are in that odd range near 50CM, where there still isn't a huge selection of dolls to choose from, especially for males (The only boys that come to mind are Junior Delfs by LUTS). As far as I'm concerned, a Rosette girl will consistantly be much taller looking than even taller MSD boys thanks to their proportions, or worse, her thinness won't gel well with another line of dolls. Beautiful as they are, they aren't the most forgiving dolls when it comes to pairing off.