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MsHatbox Feedback

Apr 9, 2007

    1. I have had several great dealings with many of the people here on DoA and by request I have started a feed back thread.

      I would like to say I have been very fortunate that as of 4-9-200, I have never experienced any negative dealings with anyone on DoA

      If you have had any dealings with please feel free to add your comments.
    2. I've had multiple transactions with MsHatBox and all of them have been smooth as glass and exceedingly pleasant. Trade with confidence here. MsHatBox is wonderful!
    3. The Great Hatbox rules... I have bought and sold many things to her, and she is 100% awesome.
    4. MsHatBox has the cutest BambiCrony YoSD sized sneakers . three pairs arrived in the mail yesterday from her and there just darling

      I highly recommend this lovely seller & DOA member
    5. I bought a couple of pairs of the Yo-SD size sneakers from MsHatbox. They arrived quickly, and they're adorable. (They also fit BC elves perfectly!)
    6. I bought some sneakers for my Bambicrony from MsHatbox, they were perfect!

      Thank you!
    7. I've had multiple transactions with MsHatBox, both as a buyer and a seller. She's awesome in every way. Very speedy to respond to pms and ship and pay. I just love her! Trade with confidence here!
    8. I bought a pair of tiny sneakers from MsHatbox, ^^ They are very cute
      and fit my sisters leeke perfectly and the shipping was very very quick!
      Would definently buy from MsHatbox again....:aheartbea
    9. I bought a head from MsHatBox and it was delivered almost instantly! Very nice person and fun seller, too.
    10. Very good purchasing experience! Shipping was super quick for the pair of Bambicrony wings she sold me. There was great care taken in wrapping them so that no possible damage could have occured. I'd buy from her again any day.
    11. Thank you for the the great Yo/Bambicrony shoes! I'm tempted to get another pair for stripes.
    12. I ordered some sneakers here too and she was great to do business with. She was quick to email responses back and mailed out exactly as she said she would. I highly recommend her!
    13. Great seller:)
      I bought 3 pairs of Sneakers for my BC bjd and they are so great.:)

      Thanks for everything MsHatBox..:aheartbea

      Till the next one.;)

    14. I just bought a lovely pair of sneakers from MsHatBox.
      They fit my little bambi girl perfectly.
      Grade A seller.
      Would definelty recomend.
    15. I have just received two pair of sneakers from MsHatBox. They are a great fit on my Green Lati. :) She shipped super fast, responded to PM's quickly, and gave me wonderful instructions on how to dye them! :D :D
    16. GREAT SELLER!!! My YoSd shoes just got here and they are super cute! MsHatBox got them here quick fast and in a hurry. Thank you so much my little girls loves them! :)
    17. I did a small group order with MsHatbox and she was great to work with! :) Sent her part of the payment quickly, and was all around very nice and pleasant.
    18. I sold an Angelhunt outfit to Mshatbox and the sale went perfectly, thanks!
    19. I bought a pair of BW archer hands from MsHatbox. Arrived quickly and would definitely do business with again.
    20. Just sold a Kid Dollmore pair of hands to dear MsHatbox, very fast payment , quick communication we just had the deal in no time!!! Thank you very much MsHatbox, hope we work together again!!!