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Muculdoll "Buu"

Jul 11, 2011

    1. I am already the VERY proud owner of a Buu and she is just gorgeous!:aheartbea She poses beautifully, I fell head over heels for her sweet face as soon as I saw it!
      Here is my Buu called Coco Ling
      They are stunning creations and beautifully made.:aheartbea
    2. Gothic Pixie, she is absolutely adorable! I am seriously contemplating adding Buu to my collection. I think she has the cutest face ever.
    3. aww yeah I think they are very cute ^^ and want to wish their creator good luck on her sales! ^^
    4. Oh, Gothic Pixie:D I'm so excited to see you have this gorgeous little girl! I love that little face so much and of course the chubby little body:XD: I hope to see many more adopted and shared here. I intend to add one to my little family just as soon as I can!
    5. I love these dolls! I saw them on Ebay too and fell for them immediately. I have no idea if or when I can get one but if it's possible I'd love to see more body shots of the joints.

      Those chubby little faces are so sweet!
    6. I am so glad you enjoyed the piccie of my Buu, they really are wonderful dolls , I will try to post another piccie as soon asap.
      Mathurine here is the link to the news thread that shows all the details of Buu.;)

      I have a large BJD collection in all different sizes and have found Buu a lovely doll to stand and pose ,for me she has a magic about her, also Cocochoo is wonderful to deal with.
    7. thanks a bundle guys!!! your love on Buu means so much to me!!
      Mathurine: do you mean etsy? coz I haven't put them on ebay yet~ ^__^
      I have took some photos for tanning Buu and my vampire miel today!
    8. Nope, Ebay you were using them as models and I fell in love. :) Nearly wrote to you and asked what dolls they were, but now I know! LOL!
    9. ohhh I see! the kimono set! :lol: Thank you Mathurine!:aheartbea
      I might take some more photos of them nude later!
    10. That's when I fell in love, too!;):D You did well to use them as models!
    11. Cocochoo, those pictures are precious! Buu looks so adorable in those denim overalls. And that last pic with Buu and Miel on the swing makes me laugh!
    12. Mitya; Landlocked Mermaid, Thank you!! :kitty2
      I have been reminded! I should put them on ebay and I just did. :XD:
    13. I just wanted to add a piccie of my girl Coco striking a pose and demanding that I dress her, she really is a little princess!
      I think it shows how well she stands unaided.;)
    14. What a great pose! Such attitude! Ohh my bank balance is gonna suffer something awful if you guys keep posting pics. :)
    15. hahaha~~ :XD: she seems arrogant, this pic made me laugh!!

      I am sharing some too
      just received this glasses this morning!

    16. oh those are interesting glasses. She looks all intellectual ^^ Where did you get them?
    17. I purchased from etsy! Just search lati glasses! ^o^
    18. Buu went to HKDP6 yesterday! have done her model job! XD

    19. That hat is really cute on her, coco!

      Gothic Pixie, if you are still around, would you mind sharing with me where you got the super cute wig for your girl? It suits her so well. I just ordered my very own Buu last night and need to get a few things for her!