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MuculDoll ---- "MOLI" light blue skin tiny LE10

Oct 19, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      Dear every dolly enthusiast! I would like to present my lastest homemade tiny bjd "MOLI", a very lively anthro. Moli is a silly guy but always pretends to be smart and love to be called "detective".

      MOLI will be a limited doll, currently only light blue skin available, I have 10 pcs and 8 of them will be up for adoption(one for myself and one adopted by my friend). after these 8 were adopted, MOLI will be have this skin color anymore.
      - light blue skin head
      - Assembled parts; head/body/hand/feet
      - Random color 6mm eyes
      - COA

      Overall Height: 16 CM
      Head Circumference: 15.3 CM
      Neck Circumference: 4.2 CM
      Arm Length: 5.5 CM
      Bottom: 11 CM
      Leg Length: 7 CM
      Feet length: 2.4 CM
      Feet width: 0.7 CM
      Eye Size: 6-8 mm

      light blue skin $350 (LE10)
      Shipping: $18 via registered airmail (7-14 working days delivery)
      $30 via EMS (3-5 days delivery)

      I provide a default face-up service(in the picture) which is an addtional $20. takes 3-7 days. your doll will be shipped when his/her face-up is done!
      Please note each made-up is hand painted, so I am not able to guarantee your pre-ordered one would be 100% same as the one pictured, they are not factory dolls. but I do promise to try my best! ^_^
      I highly recommend ppl adopt a blank doll and send them to other face-up artist or have it done theirselves, I am not good at dolly face-up at all! ;P

      [Payment and layaway info]
      you can purchase from my etsy store:
      also, 2-3 months layaway plan available, please contact me with following informations to
      - Receiver's Full Name & Address
      - Paypal account
      - Make-up option (yes or no)
      - Layaway plan (2 months or 3 months)
      I will send you invoice via paypal.

      MuculDoll flickr group:

      Thank you so much for taking time reading my thread and if there is anything I missed, I would love very much to complement anytime. also, please forgive my poor English! ;)
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    3. Moli is off-topic for Den of Angels.