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Update [mudoll.com] Brownie doll - my new tiny little friend!

Aug 13, 2010

    1. [​IMG]


      We are always excited in design and producing the new dolls in mudoll.com.

      The new little BJDoll is "Brownie doll", which are in good pose even in the 11.4cm height.

      With various convenient device, it is easy to apply the eyes and wigs.
      Also the head and hands are also easy to depart from the body, which is available to change the clothes or accessary more easily.

      Please visit www.mudoll.com for more information and pictures of Brownie dolls.


    2. Hello, they are very cute. Have you bought the designs from the original company who produced Brownies?
    3. Yes, GLiB made a contract to the original sculptor for these new series of dolls. So these new series are designed and produced by GLiB. Hope you would like these new versions.

    4. I don't know if it's just my browser, but no price shows for these on the website, do you need to be logged in to see the price?
    5. you can see the price after you log in~
    6. Will the "small comfort" series from felixdoll also be available from you?
    7. Will the bodies be available for purchase seperately? I have 3 heads (from an felix event) but only 1 body.
    8. We still discuss on the update of the "Small Comfort" series in basic design. Hope we can have good news to you. Thank you.
    9. Hi! Ciantha, as we released the new series of Brownie dolls, we are not yet prepare the body separately. Once we are in stable condition for production, we will arrange various part and items for the Brownie fans, now we have strict control on the quality of the production.

      Thank you.