Event ::MUdoll.com:: Full Moon Festival BJD EVENT

Sep 9, 2016

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      Mudoll's new BJD event is noticed!

      Celebrating Full Moon Festival with the abundant harvest and thanks to the ancestor,
      Mudoll have the event sale!

      This full moon in September is the fullest moon in a year, and Asian people make a wish to the moon.
      Full moon stands for the full harvest and richness in Asia, so people bless each other "Be like a full moon for a year!" Oh Oh Oh! Never be a spell for being a wolfie man!

      Mudoll's BJD event by 18th September 2016, never miss the chance!

      All of Dotories / Dotories BeBe / Little Dotories are 10% off
      D612BOYZ standard set 30% off
      D612BOYZ Ian / Ash head 50% off

      According to the holiday, customer service and shipping will be stopped from 14th-18th September.
      All customer service will be restarted from 19th Sep, immediately!

      Happy Full Moon, and bless you all!

      Thank you.