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[mudoll.com] New Apple Doll series upcoming

Sep 18, 2009

    1. Hello^^

      New Apple doll series are released !

      Apple doll is a special full set of 1/6 custom doll, basically combined resin head for easy custom and plastic jointed body. Available to changing eyes, face-up, wigs and some of type of head can be shared different size of body as customer's favor.

      Apple doll series are designed and customed by GLiB's designers and staffs from head design to limited wigs, shoes, clothes and box packaging.
      Apple doll series are released as 27cm Apple dolls and 23cm mini Apple dolls.

      Please enjoy newly updated Apple doll girls in this season!
      for further information - www.mudoll.com



      Thank you.
    2. These dolls will be deemed "off-topic" for DoA because they have plastic bodies. Our criteria points must be met for dolls to be considered on-topic for the forum.