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MUdoll Dream Project 612 - Le Petit Prince

Dec 26, 2007

    1. Discussion about the new doll: Le Petit Prince
      English website here: http://www.mudoll.com/
      Korean website here: http://www.d612.com/
      I don't know of a English website yet. If anyone finds one, please let me know and I'll change the first post.
      If you're curious about the story, just do a Google search for "The Little Prince". There are a couple websites with the actual full text of the book. Though I would also highly recommend buying the book.
    2. This doll is SD sized? I like him very much because he is soo boyish and innocent looking. I hope he is not limited, but i kinda think he is :\
    3. it's interesting to know that the company actually got a official
      approval/license from the family of the auther of the book.
    4. he's 60Cm according to the site which I believe is SD size (or slightly taller?) Regarding whether he's limited or not, the site doesn't
      specifically say anything, but it appears that he's not.

    5. I would buy him in a heartbeat if he was MSD sized. I just don't think I'd like to have a larger doll yet.
    6. i love le petit prince!~ it is my fav book of all times.. and in order to honor that id buy him if he was offered internationally~ maaan i wish he came with the fox as well! or the rose.. but i never really liked the rose but occasionally pitied her.
    7. when I saw your thread, I hoping that he were a yo sized or at least
      msd sized doll. I wonder why they made him so tall..
    8. He's very charming and his overall character suits to my liking!... I have to watch out more of him... Jan 2008... hmmm... can't wait! :aheartbea
    9. O_O
      I actually think I am so in love with this guy. If anybody figures out if you can get him on another site [english please xD;] share!
      He's so beautiful ;;
      Can somebody translate/give more info?
    10. He's a Standard Collection (maybe he's not limited ver)
      but it says that they have sort of gift event that will end on jan 1 2008

      A full set doll

      Configuration: The Little Prince (assemble complete), 18mm acrylic eyeballs (cobalt), a wig, clothing, shoes, Bags default case, the official certificates

      make-up is not included.

      here's his measurement according to the website

      Body Size:

      Height 61cm

      Head circumference 9.5 "

      18mm Size eyes

      7.3cm foot
    11. Here is English site. The link was in the Korean site.

      I could not find whether they had gotten the licenses for "Le Petit Prince", "Rosen Maiden".
    12. Aw I think he's great! I love the Little Prince story as my dad used to read it to me when I was a little kid. I think they did a great job interpreting the Prince as a resin doll--he has the sweet, somewhat sad and innocent face that I would imagine him to have. Anyone know how much he costs in US dollars?
    13. omg the little prince!!! O_O it looks just like him!!!...well from the illustrations that is...
    14. They state very clearly that they are fully licensed.

      I would have crumbled had he been in the 40cm or 30cm range. Lucky for my wallet.
    15. It'd be great if he weren't limited, I don't even know the book so if it were a limited outfit I wouldn't be devastated ^^;;

      Also, about the mu website, I can't locate dolls on there D:
    16. oh that is spectacular. A beautiful doll for a beautiful story. I love "Le Petit Prince." My partner refers to me as his "little prince" sometimes, and long ago he would quote passages from it to make me feel better.
      I'd love to own this pretty, pretty boy. :D
    17. ......I want his leather jacket. BADLY.

      He's a real charmer too.
      ]: I would have probably preferred MSD, but he's adorable either way.

    19. Oh, thank you very much! I could see it in Japanese site now, too. Is there some info about Shinku's illustration?