MuDoll (FelixDoll) Brownies discussion Part 3

Apr 16, 2010

    1. I'm right there with you babytarragon! Feeling so anxious to meet my little choco too!
      My order has been queued for shipment for awhile. Which makes me hope, soon... soon!
      I did a very primitive mock-up of how she might look, coloring over one of the photos from the flickr owner pics you shared above. I think it will be just perfect, and I can't wait to dress her up and to share more photos of Vivi and her choconess~! ^_^
    2. I wish they'd make a larger brownie. Like either 15cm or 26cm. All the old heads returning with a couple new ones.
    3. I've been waiting 8 weeks for my Choco Brownie, I really hope she ships soon!

      Although I haven't ordered a wig yet as I haven't found one I really like ^^;
    4. Mine also took Forever to ship.
    5. I'm still waiting too. Today is the 30th business day since my order.. Then I noticed on the clothing I also bought, the lead time is up to 45 business days! >_<

      And now they've announced a break for a holiday..... Until the end of the month. :pout:
    6. That's so annoying! I ordered on July 16th so that's 60 business days. I tried emailing but didn't get a reply.

      I thought ordering mid July would give plenty of time before my holiday at the end of October! I wanted to bring her as a handbag doll.
    7. They took several days to get back to my inquiry, and now everything on the site is Sold Out. That's a bit concerning - I hope everything is alright with them! But my order has shipped.

      @babytarragon Has your order status changed too? There's still a sliver of hope that yours may arrive before your holiday, right? Maybe? I'm hoping for you!!

      @wiccy , Hey, hi! You did nicely! I like the eye and hair colors you chose too.
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    8. Actually she did arrive,they just never updated the order status!

      And the wig I had for her was huge (mudoll, dodgy sizing. ..)

      So I'm on holiday without her. Ah well ^^;
    9. Lokinta and babytarragon, I'm really pleased that your dolls got sent before there site went to "sold out". Hopefully they just have too many orders and want to catch up! I've been wanting to order for a while, but was still deciding who to order! So I hope they haven't stopped taking orders permanently.

      Does anyone know what's happening with their site?

      Does anyone know where I could find a picture of the different brownie faces with default face ups? On ndoll's site, they only show them blank, which makes deciding more difficult.

      wiccy, your little girl is so cute! I love the color of eyes you chose!
    10. @Keri I'm with you, hoping they are catching up on orders or that perhaps the weather has just become unseasonable for production. It's worrisome that they don't give any explanation for closing up shop.
      I do hope they come back, but that people who buy from them would get better communication, or at least have their lead-time expectations kept more realistic. The doll and accessories are nice quality! ^_^

      I wanted a less baby-like face, so I ordered based mostly on the shape of Vivi's jaw line, even though I couldn't find clear owner pics anywhere. A bit crazy! Searching the sculpt names in Korean hangul and Japanese kana on Google turned up some results of the other sculpts.

      As for default faceups though, I think we have to wait for owners of ndolls/Dolls# Brownies to share what they got from them. The default faceups probably change each time the owner of the rights to produce and distribute the doll change. Sorry I can't give insight to Dolls#'s faceup style, I ordered blank!

      I haven't had a chance to sit down and make her a real wig yet! The yukata came from Dolls# (tag says CrazyAngel), and is really nicely made (do recommend!) Ah, and I've found that 7mm eyes look much nicer than 8mms. Maybe Vivi's eye holes are just a bit smaller than the other Brownies' faces.
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    11. I still haven't found a wig for her so had to make a little messy thing to cover her head, but here's my Yoyo

      [​IMG]Yoyo by Georgie, on Flickr

      She's won my heart already ^^
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    12. Oooooh she is sooo adorable!
    13. So cute!! I like how the hair looks. Mine is still waiting for me to get my act together.
      Did you paint the faceup yourself, or is that the default? It's super cute and the light illuminates her face *gorgeously!*
    14. Thank you both ^^

      The face up is by me, just pastel and pencils as I wanted to keep it simple :)
    15. Your doll's brown resin appears a few shades darker than the other chocos, is it just the photo or is her color really that chocolatey compared to my/others' milky cocoa color? It's so lovely.. I don't know how to make my dolly "glow" like that, she always appears to have a white finish to her surface. Is there something you did to improve that?

      You seem to have got someone really special there! >u<
    16. I know what you mean about the white finish, I was a bit surprised when I opened her.

      Her face has just a touch of orange pastel all over, I use very expensive pastels (which is fine cos I only bought a few colours) so they have high vibrancy. Because as you mentioned, the resin lacks that certain 'glow'.
      I used Purity Seal as the sealant because it is very good at allowing the pastel colours to show through vibrantly. I love MSC but the white bloom I sometimes get would have made her worse!
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    17. my bicycle
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    18. Deleted, double post.
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